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When you visit the school doctor as you are sick, she informs you in an introductory note that they don’t perform plastic surgery in this area. Perhaps we’ve come due to lack of nutrition or …

When you visit the school doctor as you are sick, she informs you in an introductory note that they don’t perform plastic surgery in this area. Perhaps we’ve come due to lack of nutrition or the horrible body smell … it’s a matter of fact, that’s what occurs to us in Cyanide and Happiness Freakpocalypse frequently.

It was funded by Kickstarter and launched today for Steam as well as Epic for PC and Nintendo Switch, Cyanide and Happiness – Freakpocalypse is inspired by the dark and funny Explosm comics. To ensure that the comedy and layout of the comics are present in the game, the publisher Serenity Forge and developer Skeleton Crew Studios have been working in close collaboration with Explosm and I-Mockery. You’ll see many familiar faces of The Cyanide & Happiness universe, such as Ted Bear, Shark Dad, and Senor Cleanfist, appear in the game. With Cyanide and Happiness Freakpocalypsewith the title Hall Pass To Hellis currently one of the three parts planned to be released.

Cyanide & Happiness is a webcomic available on in 2005, together with animated shorts of the same fashion. It is a stick figure comic that is black and often humorous humor that is described as “seemingly beyond the boundaries of taste” and covers topics like suicide, abortion, necrophilia, violence, and suicide. Although Cyanide & Happiness is known only to those inside the United States, it’s trendy in the Americas. The website receives over a million visits per day.


You are the role of the superhero “Super Coop” role while Netherton High School is about to be taken over by Dr. Dropout and the gang of criminals, who have amputated his brain and want to make all the students too. To accomplish this, he’s developed an emulsion-like substance that the heads of his victims are submerged, only to be dumbed down. His gang members simply snuff any kind of education from the disadvantaged pupils. Your favorite teacher Psionic Steve has unfortunately already been taken captive by Dr. Dropout. However, you can utilize his psionic abilities to talk to you and provide guidelines on how to beat Dr. Dropout.

Bullying in high school

However, Cooper only dreams of becoming the century’s superhero and helping save the school. Every daydream fades away, and then reality comes in. The character you play is Cooper McCarthy, who is a total loss. The girls don’t like Cooper, the cool boys punch him, and the teachers mistreat him. No one wants to attend prom with him. He’s prohibited from going on a school excursion… until Cooper comes to the rescue with something. However, Cooper McCarthy isn’t all that extravagant – Netherton High School is full of odd characters, for example, one student who is high from permanent marker (highly toxic) inhalation of permanent markers or an instructor who is in class in an S& M outfit.

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Point-and-Click Adventure

If you’re looking for an action-adventure game, role-playing, or a combination of both, you’re out of luck. Cyanide and Happiness Freakpocalypse is a classic point-and-click adventure game. For interaction with your surroundings, clicking the object you want to interact with is easy. A single mouse clicks, and Cooper moves towards it. Once you can perform something with objects, your mouse’s cursor changes to an asterisk. Use, talk, and look are then accessible for you to select. Using them in the game automatically selects the most effective alternative (open or take, drag or fondle). …). The game assumes you are looking to kiss someone by clicking “use.” The responses to this are hilarious. The humor can be somewhat vague, yet it remains quite PG.

All open tasks are automatically recorded in Cooper’s notebook. He also marks them out when Cooper is done. This is very handy, just like the quest logs in the role-playing game. In addition to the main story, There are numerous other side-questions in the game which can be resolved or not. The notebook also includes an outline of the surroundings, including rooms you haven’t yet explored. When Cooper has found the proper clothing, you can alter his appearance (cap hairstyle, shirt, etc.). But, it doesn’t appear to affect the gameplay itself, as I was walking around for hours with an unintentionally dead frog on my head, but no one noticed it or commented about it.

The ability to save the game’s state is adventure-like – available anytime. Cloud saves are available, in fact. Cooper is not able to die in the game, nor can he maneuver to a dead-end. The solution to the mystery is always in the shadows. It’s just a matter of trying to locate it.

Pixel Hunting

The action starts with Netherton High School, where there is already a range of traditional puzzles based on objects to work through. As the game continues, Cooper encounters more than 100 individuals, most of them have some kind of damage to their roofs. There is no escape from exploring every room to find valuable objects, but unfortunately, there’s no way to see every hotspot. Most rooms are intricately constructed and filled with things (and people), so it takes time to look at the whole surroundings. As an avid player of adventure games, I thoroughly enjoyed them tremendously, since the description is all written with the usual Cyanide & Happiness humorous style. For those looking for quick action, however, Cyanide and Happiness Freakpocalypse does not have anything to offer.

Language Barrier

The conversations are conducted in multiple options, so you’ll need to browse through the various choices to gather all the required (and numerous not required) details. Conversation choices already made are highlighted; however, they can be used again if you could not understand the first time or already forgot the conversation. Then I’ll get to my next aspect, which is the language. Its voice-over acting happens entirely in English; however, the text is well transliterated into German. The dark humor of The Cyanide & Happiness comics with the numerous word gimmicks come through quite nicely when translated. In general, all descriptions and conversations are texts. If you don’t understand English, you can disable your voice altogether.

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The animations employ the distinctive stick figure design in the Comic Book template. The animations are the same quality as the shorts on the website. It is possible to play the game on an ultra-widescreen display. However, that has black borders on both sides. The actual game doesn’t extend beyond the resolution of 1920×1080.


Every conversation and description is professionally set to music in English. However, all text is made available in German.


Control is available with the keyboard or mouse. Both function without issues. The gamepad controls are available. However, I haven’t tried them. Cyanide and Happiness Freakpocalypse includes the typical convenience features standard in adventure games today – a double-click can lead to an instant exit from a room, and hotspots are marked by a question mark whenever you hover over them. Inventory is constantly on hand, and the save function is always accessible.

Game design

It is a typical point-and-click adventure game in Cyanide & Happiness – FreakpocalypseObject-based puzzles, multiple choice conversations, and examining the environment are necessary to progress. Action sequences are sought but are not found.


The black humor in the game helps keep the enthusiasm up all the way through – even if you don’t know where to go next. All open tasks are listed in the notebook, ensuring you don’t lose track of which task is due the next.


Cyanide and Happiness Freakpocalypse will be a hit with people who enjoy classic point-and-click adventure stories and possess a dark comical sense. For those who love Internet comics, diving further into this Cyanide & Happiness universe and being entertained by familiar characters is essential. The English experience is useful; however, the German translation is also a viable option in the event of a need. Technically speaking, the game makes an excellent impression. Cyanide and Happiness Freakpocalypsewith the title “Hall the Pass to Hell” The game is only the beginning of 3 episodes planned. In addition, it is not related to any Battle Royale game Rapture Rejects that takes place in the same universe.

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