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Games that are played on the internet trigger all kinds of emotions within our players: from the excitement rush of strategic or combat-oriented games as well as the satisfaction of having completed complex puzzles, and …

Games that are played on the internet trigger all kinds of emotions within our players: from the excitement rush of strategic or combat-oriented games as well as the satisfaction of having completed complex puzzles, and finally, the satisfaction of knowing that you are an actual (virtual) hero who can save the world and all of its inhabitants. Then some games bring us joy – through captivating, emotional stories, a fairytale-like presentation, and a hefty dose of magic. Concrete Genie is precisely in this category.

A World in Gray and Colorful

The story of Concrete Genie is set in Denska, once a picturesque fishing village of Denska, which slowly faded away following an oil spill and is now the home of an unfriendly group of teenagers. Our protagonist, Ash, once lived there with his family, and, at the beginning of the movie, he sat in thoughts of the past while sitting at the shoreline that isn’t very attractive that is surrounded by creepy purple vines to enjoy his passion of creating cute creatures and more. The peace that seems to prevail lasts for a short time, as covered by the noisy gang, the group sketchbook is taken away and tears it up into individual pages. Ash, however, on the other side, is thrown into a cable vehicle that will take him directly to Denska lighthouse. Denska lighthouse. Along with his sketchbooks floating in the air like they have a mind that is their own. After arriving, Ash follows them and is amazed to discover that the monsters he had created on his pages and in Denska’s streets Denska are brought to life with his paintings and aid in saving Denska from destruction. With paint that will ward off the dark purple strands that plague the city.

The Painted To Life

Concrete Genie places it below titles like flower, Okami or the Tearaway unfolded for gameplay. It offers players an experience near meditative due to the vibrant colors, a positive message, gorgeous audiovisual presentations, and a relaxing game. The goal of this game is to use your magical brush to draw all kinds of forms (djinns or genies, with the entire body of their potential as well as natural elements such as flowers, trees, grasses, stars, moons, or suns, and also more abstract elements like thunderstorms and rain) on the different walls of Denska and make the lights that illuminate the entire city again.

The patterns are provided to you by friends and your family.

You’ll be able to see the shapes during the process through the discovery of pages swarming through the streets, and you’ll always be with the djinns you’ve painted, appearing to come alive during the entire process. They come in various forms, like electricity, fire, or wind. These assist you in many ways. They constantly tell you what designs they’d like to see on the walls in question and reward you for your artwork by using super paint, which is also able to paint walls that have been overgrown with dark purple strands. However, they can also blow off barriers, trigger power boxes, various devices, and even blow up entire trucks.

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Once you’ve finally created the bulbs that make the entire area glow and return to life. Even the most stubborn strands of darkness are gone, and Denska is a bit closer to the glory of its past.

Negative Emotions

The calming experience of working within the Concrete Genie is you will not be able to enjoy the game of color with no active opponents: during your painting sessions, you’ll encounter the gangs that roam the narrow streets, which are there your face. One of the best ways to stay clear of them is to climb up the rooftops of Denska. There you will not just have a stunning perspective, but you also have a new page in your sketchbook to find many more painting options, and, in most cases, the route to high altitudes is the only way for you to explore new areas of the city and to paint in the area and let the lights shine.

The teenagers will not give up. They will continue to follow you through the new areas of Denska to smear your work. You can, however, temporarily get them off entrances, your sides, and even your djinns who are staring at their eyes with distraction techniques. If they find you, staying hidden for a few minutes until they get rid of the scent or simply escaping from them. This almost always goes without a hitch.

If the gang is easy to ignore, You may be thinking, why is it there? In line with the concept of gameplay in Concrete Genie, The gang is believed to function primarily as an aspect of the story rather than as a game element. In reality, you’ll discover that the epidemic that struck Denska and drove its inhabitants out wasn’t the washed-up oil sludge; however, it was those negative feelings that came with it – and now are spreading throughout Denska in the form of the dark strands that are purple. The gang’s representation is clearly shown in the cutscenes featured throughout the game, where you are introduced to the people who make up the creep group.

Collective fun ahoy

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Concrete Genie is based primarily on an atmospheric narrative and simple gameplay. However, it doesn’t mean that the game soon becomes boring. The artwork is accompanied by adorable monsters who interact, engage with, and aid you to be awe-inspiring, and if you’re seeking some challenge amid the colors, set towards Denska as there’s plenty to explore!

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In each area in each zone, you’ll need to set out as such to locate hidden sketchbook pages and also opportunities to interact with your djinns, such as chances to play games. Also, you’ll be able to create memories by searching for tiny white artworks that are on cities’ walls. There you’ll be required to comply with your fellow djinn’s requirements.

Users with PSVR can also avail of exclusive VR modes, including an in-game mini-game featuring the Djinni Blob, as well as being able to play the “Free Painting” mode “Free Paint” mode that is available to unlock via.

Magical Presentation

To fit the concept of the game, the design was chosen to reflect the themes of Concrete Genie was also determined. With regards to graphics, the game is built around cartoon-like characters and fairytale-like surroundings that initially appear grey and dark but slowly sparkle in bright, vivid shades thanks to your artistic abilities. The sounds perfectly highlight the action, making your paintings sound, rustle, and more. And the cute laughs, grunts, and crows of your djinns will increase the adorable factor. The soundtrack can also be paired to your artwork, so your masterpieces don’t just make Denksa to life in visual terms and sound-wise but also add to the distinctive sound of the village, creating a sense of ambiance.


Games like Flowers, as well as Tearaway Unfolded, have proven that excellent gameplay often needs just an atmospheric backdrop and a small amount of magic. Concrete Genie continues to follow the same concept in a similar way. The action sequences are challenging and not present throughout the majority of games (the final scene is the sole variation); however, they are not omitted, and instead, the beautiful playing of colors, incredible shapes, sounds, and sweet djinns is an enlightening journey into an environment that is more simple, yet filled with magic. Concrete Genie is a game that thrives on its mood and the emotions it creates, and at most; it will impress me with that. So, we recommend it for the adorable, monster-painting experience and the positive message it conveys.

What exactly is Concrete Genie? Story and atmosphere-driven Monster painting adventure with a positive message. Links: Official website

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