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Conan The Cimmerian, from the pen of Robert E. Howard, is a barbarian model: superhumanly robust, a dazzling combatant, and the one to beat rough terrain. But he’s not as well-known as the greatest thinker, …

Conan The Cimmerian, from the pen of Robert E. Howard, is a barbarian model: superhumanly robust, a dazzling combatant, and the one to beat rough terrain. But he’s not as well-known as the greatest thinker, so it isn’t a must to call him a warmonger with a strategy. He could, however, play a role in Conan’s unconquered fortress and lead his army against the wild hoards. However, one thing should be known before the event: The style of the general may not fit him like that of the powerful warrior.

Conan Unconquered is a game that falls under the genre of real-time survival strategy games. This means you start with a modest fortress and a few troops, which you must fight off ever-growing waves of foes. How long you are successful in this depends on your capabilities as the builder and commander of armies. For the latter, you must mine and manage resources like gold, food, stones, or even other metals, using a method common to real-time strategies. These can be used to construct simple structures like temples, houses, army barracks, and many other structures, or you could build defensive structures equipped with traps to deter enemies. But resource management can be slightly more challenging than originally thought, as on the one hand, the areas where wood and metals are extracted are extremely scarce as well as on the opposite, the available space for the building is extremely restricted. While you may be able to expand by establishing standards for his area of influence, this is also a matter of defense in the face of hostile crowds.

Equally crucial to the expansion and growth of your fortress is the recruiting of new troops. The first time you play, you have only a few foot soldiers; however, as you unlock more types of buildings over time and with every new technology you discover, you’ll be able to develop more troop types, such as the cavalry or mages. The main focus on Conan Unconquered, therefore, is the balance between resources and troop management since if you do not take care of the resources available and resources, you might not be able to afford the required expansions in troops, buildings, and buildings in the future, however, If you place too much emphasis on an economic system that is functioning it is unlikely that you can be able to withstand the next attack.

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“If you choose to fight with me, I will summon the terrifying demons of hell.”

The campaign consists of five maps that have gradually increasing difficulty. Before a mission, you’ll be able to choose between two heroes. While Conan makes use of his great sword to attack multiple enemies within the zone of effect simultaneously, thanks to the Barbarian Slash, the pirate Valeria utilizes daggers and has a more significant attack speed and damage resistance. The owners of the Deluxe Edition of Conan Unconquered can also fight with the magically gifted Kalanthes. With these characters and the army of soldiers, the maps can be explored freely to locate precious treasures and rare sources. However, what you choose to do with your hero isn’t much of a factor, as the differences are minor. The story has a small role as it’s told through digital comic books. For those who love drawing illustrations, this is certainly a good concept. However, I would have preferred an even more thrilling production because of the fantastic fantasy theme.

In principle, you can play the whole game by yourself. However, there isn’t a traditional multiplayer mode. However, Conan Unconquered offers a fascinating co-op mode for two players. Both commanders can build their structures. However, the results of research walls, structures, and walls are shared. The game is only played on separate maps and online. If you are looking for fun games, this cooperative game mode is a great addition; however, it doesn’t provide much additional value in the long run. The difficulty in Conan Unconquered can be classified as “advanced”; however should you want to find an additional challenge, you can modify the random-based maps with different parameters. A “challenge code” is generated simultaneously that can later be shared to share the map with others. This is due to the high scores that have been achieved, which are motivational leaderboards, which dramatically enhance replay value, especially for those who play competitively.

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“It’s all a show that falls away.”

If the introduction to gameplay in the opening paragraphs sounded familiar to those who have played it, then you’re likely also familiar with the game of strategy . The game is Billions from the indie game creator Numantian Games. You’ll be required to take on zombies on a post-apocalyptic globe; however, the gameplay is similar. For instance, the ability to pause using the space bar is taken from the original. It’s disappointing that an experienced studio such as Petroglyph dares to take a different concept for a game and only attempts to improve it by adding basic hero units and co-op modes. Worse, Conan Unconquered does not have the same atmosphere or gameplay quality as the first. It’s not just the outdated graphics, the sometimes non-professional voice-overs, the mediocre AI, or the sloppy controls – everything isn’t current.


I am a fan of Conan’s comic and novel style, and I am a huge fan of strategy games . They are the best way to get fun playing Conan Undefeated my. The fact that this isn’t the case, however, is partially due to the reality that the game was copied from a lesser-known genre friend, and the features from the Hyborian period are simply tossed onto the game but not bringing the best of the original in any way. The game begins with a nigh no story and concludes with a sterile presentation without any sense. However, considering the game outside the license, you’ll find an extremely strategic strategy game with an effective co-op mode. Personally, it’s not enough to keep me on the monitor for much longer. If I’m in the mood to play the real-time survival game, my decision is made the Billionsand I’d rather fight in the battle of the barbarians from Cimmerian but then, perhaps, with the Conan Exiles.

What’s Conan Unconquered? A real-time survival game in Conan the Barbarian’s barbarian realm. Link: Official website

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