CHERRY MX 10.0N RGB keyboard in test

Manufacturer of hardware CHERRY is well-known to many of you via their switches, i.e., switches used on various gaming keyboards. The manufacturer has been making keyboards for many years and has been targeted at gamers …

Manufacturer of hardware CHERRY is well-known to many of you via their switches, i.e., switches used on various gaming keyboards. The manufacturer has been making keyboards for many years and has been targeted at gamers for a long time currently. At present, we have the latest showpiece CHERRY MX 10.0N RGB. CHERRY MX 10.0N RGB for a more of a look.

Its CHERRY MX 10.0N RGB is an electronic keyboard suitable for gamers and marketed as a durable, high-end, top-of-the-line product for people who prefer it to appear elegant and smooth. At a price of around 140 euros, you receive the keyboard, an approximate. 160cm cable that is pluggable with a USB connection, an instruction manual, and an information sheet on warranty inside a cardboard box. It is environmentally friendly and wrapped in the white paper. The keyboard, as well as the packaging, are made of plastic.

Technical Information


The keyboard features a low profile of just 22 millimeters. This implies that the palm rest has been eliminated, and the cable’s total weight is 800 grams. Its case for the compact CHERRY 10.0N RGB is constructed of aluminum, and its surface is black with a satin finish. A hinged stand on the bottom of the keyboard extends across its entire length, which gradually retracts as the keyboard gets used, which is an excellent feature. Additionally, we find the keyboard cable that can be detachable with the USB-C port located on the back of the keyboard extremely clever.

Low-profile keyboards are accomplished by using CHERRY MX RGB LOW switches. The keys are vast and flat compared to other game keyboards; however, the distance between keys is also spread out to be relatively small and requires some practice to avoid catching two keys simultaneously. The keyboard’s lettering is painted and laser-engraved. Each key has an RGB LED that can display as many as 16.8 million colors. As a result, the keys are highly well-lit. Apart from the pre-defined effects, you can pick your color or independently illuminate individual keys. In addition, you can choose between various colors or discrete single-color illumination. This can be done without the need to install any software.

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People who want to develop their lighting profiles or macros can do so using the separate download CHERRY Utility Software.However, there aren’t designated Keys for macros that can be assigned to various game profiles.

With CHERRY Utility software, it is possible to create division. Lighting profiles, altering polling rate, and programming macros using key sequences.

The switches used in keys are held according to the manufacturer’s specifications, greater than 50 million operations per key. The switch’s characteristic is linear, meaning there is no click or apparent resistance. The switching point is reached following the forward movement of only one millimeter. Therefore, it is not necessary to press through into the ground. This will not only increase the speed of response. However, it also ensures that every stroke of the very flat and silent keys is recorded.

CHERRY MX 10.0N RGB has a few unique keys alongside the standard keys on other keyboards. For example, CHERRY MX 10.0N RGB includes just a handful of extra keys, two of which that control the volume and one that instantly opens the calculator application. For instance, switching the lighting and controlling the music track, other functions can be done using the FN key, which is used in conjunction with function keys.

Game playability

As a player gaming, the performance of the keyboard is of paramount importance, it is, so it is evident that the CHERRY MX 10.0N RGB is a pretty good number in this respect; however, it isn’t the finishing piece needed to differentiate it from gaming keyboards made by other brands. The keys respond quickly during gaming tests; however, as I’ve already said, the keys are pretty close, and I have mistakenly hit the wrong keys at least once. Because of the ease of use and the highly flat shape could be a challenge in frantic combat. I also miss a rotary wheel constantly altering the volume, something that I’ve come to appreciate highly in multimedia and gaming keyboards and now can’t miss. Many gamers also might miss the additional macro keys, assigned specific vital sequences that are easily changed only through the software.

The design of the filigree, with its self-retracting stand, has been a pleasant issue while playing. The keyboard can still be secured stand that can be slipped into any scenario.


CHERRY is certainly delivering an outstanding piece of tech using its MX 10.0N RGB The keyboard is sleek and flat, giving it an exquisite and premium design. The keyboard cable is easily detachable, the stand folds without a problem, and the keyboard provides security to the desk. Nothing to be unhappy about about design and quality, and the price of 140 euros is well-justified. The variety of lighting options and the quick and fluid reaction of keys, are sure to be a hit with many. Those who aren’t fans of the keyboard might not have one or the other option, which is why this keyboard is ideal for those who frequently spend in the office using the same keyboard but still want it to play games.

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