Call of Duty: Black Ops Kalter Krieg im Test

Much is helpful. A well-known phrase that is proven to be accurate time and repeatedly. For instance, with the current Call of Duty spin-off Suffx Black Ops Cold WarBecause, in essence, instead of one game, …

Much is helpful. A well-known phrase that is proven to be accurate time and repeatedly. For instance, with the current Call of Duty spin-off Suffx Black Ops Cold WarBecause, in essence, instead of one game, you can receive three games in one go: Single-player mode (finally again! ) as well as an old-school multiplayer, and a zombie-themed co-op mode that includes a mini-game in the shape of an analog stick shooter that is top-down. Do these features create Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War the best game of the series? Let’s find out …

Each of the three elements of the Cold War package comes with distinct strengths and weaknesses. According to the series’ historical background, they could appeal to gamers of different levels. So, it’s normal to examine each of the three components in this review. This way, you can go to the most exciting section. A single player takes the first move …

The campaign

In truth, this particular aspect that the player played prompted me to look in-depth at what was good in the test. Of course, Call of Duty has been immortalized in recent times, mainly because of its incredible multiplayer, but for me, Call of Duty was first a thrilling Hollywood battle royale during World War II and bombed into my soul by bringing me to moments like the atomic bomb or getting through Chornobyl within Modern Warfare from 2007. However, enough of the nostalgia: Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War‘s campaign.

It is set 13 years following Black Ops’ events. Black Ops and accordingly offers the familiar Cold War setting and many familiar faces like the former protagonist Alex Mason. However, it’s also willing to try a variety of different things. For instance, you could create your character right in the middle of your story, which means his name, “Bell only know him.” This is a nice feature because it’s gender-neutral, and the world is becoming more technological. In the world of gaming in 2020, you can select whether your character is female, male, or non-binary. But this does not affect the game and is in keeping with the principle of equality. It is a different story about the possibilities to determine your background. You can decide if you were a member of the CIA or MI5, the British MI5, and the Russian KGB that you’d be asked several times throughout the story. In addition, you will be able to determine two traits that will allow you to provide you with perks; for instance, you can deal with more injury, being more accurate from the hip as well, and being capable of taking the brunt of punishment when you aren’t moving in the right direction, and on. Cool!

However, the most exciting thing is that you could still make choices throughout the story that can impact the future course of events, even if the most critical decisions are made towards the end of the story and are only one of two possible endings. But the ability to control the outcome (both via simple choices and game-specific actions) helped me feel more engaged in the story than in the majority of other story games. Mainly because the structure is reinforced by an accessible headquarters, where it is possible to not just chat with your teammates but, more importantly, go through the evidence collected during the missions displayed on an interactive mission board. You can also play additional tasks by combining all the clues that lead to the correct solutions. This game indeed requires a few hacking skills from time to time. It’s a refreshing change from the usual intense shooter gameplay. However, it often involves mowing the maximum number of enemies with a gun at hand. But there’s more to it the case: in a dramatic mission in Vietnam, such as Vietnam, you’re permitted to pilot an attack helicopter when you’re on operations within the iron Curtain at East Berlin or in the KGB headquarters, you’re only able to be successful by moving around.

So the entire story gradually progresses towards a climax typical of the Cold War, with an unexpected twist; however, it’s way too early in the end. Expect five to seven hours worth of gaming which means that the CoD Black Ops Cold War is the game with the shortest time-to-play single-player in the series history. In addition, the campaign will have to accept criticism that not all missions can provide the level of excellence that has been demonstrated thus far. The task in Cuba, for instance, was dull from beginning to end, as did the mission in Moscow’s Lubyanka. Nevertheless, the vast majority of potential went to be discovered.

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The multiplayer

Let’s look at the fundamentals. The game is not just a traditional and engaging 6vs6; there’s also a 12vs12 version with vehicles that are larger, such as “Connected weapons” (also excellent), “Fire Squad” with ten teams of four (rather dull) and the newest game variation “VIP Escort” that is like the similar missions of Counter-Strike however it never gets to their levels. There are also the weapons that can be leveled individually and the option of having the player have his own “field equipment” is up to 3 Perks and a wildcard waiting. Then, additional features like additional equipment for primary or secondary use and bonuses allow.

Okay, but what does this all do? The answer is that a friend of a German media outlet titled an article straight from my heart, “The major issue in CoD Cold War is called Modern Warfare.” As we’ve seen, Counter-Strike is a good multiplayer game; they have a much longer half-life than single-player titles. Therefore, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War isn’t required to compete against rival games by direct comparison or even with its own predecessors , such for example Modern Warfare ( Warzone is incorporated into the CoD:BOCW and is almost a an element of the overall game) and Warzone, which are widely played for a valid reasons. In particular, because it’s outgrown itself in the last year. In all, Modern Warfare includes around 40 maps currently. Sure, they were not all present at its launch, but for this review, only present and future maps count. Also, the ten maps from Black Ops Cold War are a complete disappointment. However, they provide many options and are generallyvery well-balanced and designed.

Furthermore, the fact there’s nothing to talk about and that players had plenty to be unhappy about at the beginning (and quite rightly) will not be of much aid when it comes to giving the MP component of Black Ops Cold War an unbeatable rating. For instance, most weapons were not functional, while others were too strong.

But the Activision equipment has indeed begun to work on this too. Several patches have been released , and the first DLC, in the form of Nuketown, the game that players already are familiar with in Black Ops 1 (2010), has been available since the 24th of November. The next patch will be released; every one is free for download. Additionally, Season One of Cold War begins on the 10th of December. The game also features an inter-game progression system: The game’s progression system is: Modern Warfare, Warzone, and Black Ops Cold War. All ranks will be reset and restarted all at once on this day. However, all content earned will remain with you, as well.

When we talk about “cross-platform”: Black Ops Cold War also allows cross-platform multiplayer, in another way “crossplay”. However, the possibility that Xbox, Playstation, and PC players can match directly is turned off by default. If you’d like to try this, it is necessary to enable it separately from the settings.

The Zombie Mode

I must admit that I’ve never been one of the fanatics of the zombie mode in CoD.But I am aware that the game has fans. They will be delighted with Black Ops Cold War if they choose to play the excellent match with the Playstation. Unfortunately, the PS4 and PS5 come with a lousy nose for a year as the game’s zombie mode is involved. So they will not just be playing the standard way, with its highly complex with a winding and tangled map. But there’s an Onslaught mode, which is for two players. In this mode, you’ll have to take down waves after waves of zombies on regular multiplayer maps, and occasionally besiege “boss zombies” and race into the ever-changing safe zones.

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However, as is often the case, it’s impossible to ignore what you don’t know. That’s why PC and Xbox gamers will have less fun playing the standard zombie hunt, although it does not offer any new features. Instead, the vending machines are designed to upgrade our capabilities or acquire weapons, and ammunition is the primary commodity. Mainly since after every five rounds , elite zombies are hungry for your brains, which are bullet sponges.

So far, so familiar. The difference is that you will not have to begin with the “naked” character and instead a class in an MP-based mode. Thus, you begin from scratch with decent weapons from the undead shooter and also earn points that will allow you to progress to the previously mentioned game progression that is cross-platform as well as cross-game.

Ahuja … and the other is Dead Ops Arcade: a top-down stick shooter. There’s nothing more to talk about this one but. It’s a nice perk that most players are likely to take a quick look , smile, and then play throughout the rest of the game.

The technology

Similar to Watch Dogs Legion or DiRT 5, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is a bridge game – which means it’s available for both the old and new generation consoles. I’ve played this game on the Xbox Series X. There are many exciting aspects about the new generation versions. On the one hand, you can choose to switch ray tracing off or off, and whether you’d like to utilize this 120Hz option or not – but you aren’t able to combine both simultaneously. If you choose the latter, obviously, the details of the single player don’t improve much; however, everything is incredibly slick once more in a more or lesser steady 120 frames/second.

When you have raytracing enabled, In the end, however, you’ll get 60 FPS which is remarkable for a game in its first generation, which looks stunning and looks great. It’s important to remember that you don’t need to hunt for extravagant reflections using this option. They are typically the most prominent ray tracer. However, Treyarch employs the technology to create shadows, not reflections. Indeed, it can make some difference in the sense of “self-shadowing” on characters and other objects. It creates a more convincing.

However, even without the Super-shadowing , the CoD: BOCW is very visually appealing. The characters’ models are well-constructed, and, in levels, the engine is flexing its muscles hard with incredible subduedness … to say the most in certain groups. As I mentioned: Individual story missions, such as the mission in Cuba, are a joke in comparison to other missions.

They have even made the best utilization of sounds. The weapons crackle beautifully, and the sounds of the hits remain a crucial element of feedback that occurs during firefights, as well as the actors – I performed in English original audio – provide a much more convincing job. In short, technically, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is definitely”aboard. “board.”


The multiplayer is still a mess against its precursor ( Modern Warfare). However, the Activision DLC engine is operational. However, players who are most intrigued by multiplayer games on CoD are able to save money and look for low-cost deals. Those who’d want to be able to enjoy an extravagant story that, even according to CoD standards, takes two or three new and exciting routes can purchase the game!

What’s Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War? The current part of the CoD series, this time with the SP campaign is set in the Cold War. URL: Official website

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