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The cult franchise is back! Borderlandsis returning! It’s been seven decades since the favorite title called Borderlands 2 – was released. Through this title, creators from Gearbox Software achieved absolute success. Not only did they …

The cult franchise is back! Borderlandsis returning! It’s been seven decades since the favorite title called Borderlands 2 – was released. Through this title, creators from Gearbox Software achieved absolute success. Not only did they outdo their own game and the very first offshoot from the series, but they revolutionized the loot shooting game and set the stage for games such as Destinyand co. So, the expectations for the next chapter about the chamber hunters were very high. Yes, there was an officially-named “third” part in the Pre-Sequel, but, in the eyes of the fans of the series, it was decided by consensus to eliminate it from history books. It is hoped that Borderlands 3 doesn’t follow the same path as that Pre-Sequel…

So, you’d like to listen to a story, right?

Borderlands 3.0 begins directly after Borderlands 2To be precise, more until the end of the DLC Commander Lilith and the Battle for Sanctuary. As is typical of the series, the legendary arms dealer Markus offers us an incredibly exact retelling of the events.

After the brave exterminators of the second episode defeated the handsome Jack and the Handsome Jack, they were able to acquire the known Vault Map. The map will show the location of different chambers throughout the universe. So naturally, it was not long before some villains began searching to find the object. Unfortunately, one of the villains was Colonial Hector, a former Dahl fighter who was later also accountable for the vanishing of the map.

With the introduction of new adversaries Tyreen and Troy and the Calypso twins, as well as their cult, COV, Children Of Vault, it was an appropriate time for Crimson Raiders to upgrade their arsenals as well. The new exterminator lies in the hopes of the hero team and, along with it, the responsibility of all the chambers left.

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Always those streamers…

As the story unfolds, plot, the characters from earlier episodes will recognize some familiar faces. An opportunity to reconnect with the veterans of the exterminator squad, like Tiny Tina or Maya, is included. Unfortunately, this isn’t sufficient for my tastes. Sure, this sort of thing can be nostalgic; However, in an expansive game world created over several sections, there could be more. What is Salvador? The man who was seven years ago the most influential farmer in the end-game with legendary guns. Where is Krieg, the other very well-known exterminator among the crowd? I believe that something could have been accomplished in this area. Some audio recordings that provide information about our hero’s next steps from this time are lovely, but they are not enough.

That brings me to my, and for the majority of reviewers, most critical point about the game the story. Maybe my expectations were excessive due to the lengthy wait, or perhaps the plot of the sequel Borderlands was too well-written. In all, the story of the third spin-off isn’t terrible at all. The secondary missions are, admittedly, more intriguing and are also more creatively created. However, the entire area will be unnoticed by players if they do not regularly diverge from the main direction, and you’ll not be able to enjoy the entertaining small plots they have. The story of the shooter has its ups and lows however, what I’m most disappointed about is Handsome Jack which is one of my personal opinions, the most effective and most well-known antagonists in video games. Seven months ago Borderlands 2 brought the shooter genre to the storm, not just because of its originality but also because of its captivating antagonist. The adversaries Tyreen and Troy, are fascinating and believable and created on paper; the game didn’t work exactly as planned in the execution of the two streamers. The two streamers prove to be more irritating than engaging. There’s a faint line between funny and mundane, and the dialogues between the twins are often unnecessarily forced. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent way to showcase their existence as streamers. Unfortunately, this doesn’t translate over 1:1 into the game. It’s a regret, in fact. Of course, there won’t be another Handsome Jack anytime soon, and that would be unfair to the creators because the bar was set extremely high. However, I do long for the anti-hero from my all-time favorite game. Oh, these glassy eyes…

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A fan favorite of the community: Moxxi

Wonderful World

With Borderlands 3, we explore planets apart from the relatively dry Pandora. We had already been able to visit Moon Elpis during the Pre-Sequel, which was not very varied. Then, on top of Pandora, There are Promethea, Eden-6, and Athenas to explore. They are pretty different from one another in their appearance and appearance, yet they’re stunning. If your hero doesn’t reside on the deserted planet of the first two games, they’ll be on a highly technological planet, for instance, in which a war is engaged between two great powerhouses or in a forest planet inhabited by a vast array of species. A world with an open area was not included in Borderlands 3. however, the various regions can be distinguished by their distinctness.

I love the cel-shaded style in this Borderlands book and am happy to see it extended in the third installment. The game now appears more like a comic book than before. While the lighting of objects in the game remains similar, the textures and models have more details when compared directly. The graphics have been updated, and even parts that are not essential to the game, like water, can be observed. The switch between Nvidia in the first place to AMD as a partner ensured that the incredibly detailed particle physics that were present in Borderlands 2 have been removed. The effects of the game are interesting, but they are nowhere near as exciting as they used to be.


Traveling with Fashion

One unanswered question: How can you go from one planet to the next? It’s pretty simple, using the Sanctuary! “What, Sanctuary? A floating city?” It’s not; it’s entirely mundane. In contrast to Borderlands 2, Sanctuary isn’t a floating city that serves as a place to retreat from our exterminators but a spaceship! Following the events of Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary, the Crimson Raiders took care of the relocation of their home base. With the map that showed the location in the Vaults in mind, care was taken from the start, which led to them moving into their new residence soon in Borderlands 3.Besides being a handy transport option and storage, the Sanctuary is also an important hub. You can get to know your current group of friends and get your private room for crew members that you can decorate with trophies or the safe, which you could use to swap items between characters.

Borderlands 3 offers many of these “quality of life enhancements” in comparison to previous installments in the game – it makes life simpler. Automatically collecting ammo and money in opening a crate is one of the things that can bring anyone Borderlands veterans to feel a sigh of relief. Additionally, the fact that the lost or forgotten weapons can be found from a location on Sanctuary will make it even more fun. The game could be great if it weren’t for the frustrating game’s quest-tracking system. It’s impossible to tackle multiple missions at once. If you’re trying to figure out the optimal route to complete the quests, you’ll have to navigate through menus from one to the next and then back to the map every time to keep on top of things. An update would be much more than a nice thing; however, at the moment test, despite protests by the players, it doesn’t appear like the developers are making any changes shortly.

The multiplayer component in Borderlands 3 turns out better than anticipated and includes some innovative options that were completely absent in the previous games. In the present, for instance, you can allow the other players accompanying you on your journey to automatically scale along with you by simply clicking. This will enable you to play with your friends who already have an advantage. It is also possible to create instances of loot. So, when a boss or cage releases a rare weapon, nobody has to worry about running out of money for long. If you’re a pro-ninja, like me, the thrill of stealing items under other people’s noses goes out the window.


Never make changes to a running system ….but..?

The new Movement system is the most impressive innovation from the manufacturer Gearbox Software. Apart from a few not as frequently utilized features, like the smash that can be used in the event of a fall, the slide appears completely different. One of the new features is the ability to slide across the floor after sprinting, which is not just stylish but also extremely practical. The distance between you and your enemies can be reduced rapidly, and the next barrier is reached within a record-breaking time. In addition, the control button is lit up! Overall, Borderlands 3 is faster and more enjoyable than its prequels. Additionally, it allows you to pull upwards on walls. Even if it doesn’t seem to you, this does change significantly. A lot of the more difficultly situated places can be accessed quickly.

If that does not convince you, maybe the recently redesigned gunplay might. A lot of developers have made a dent on this topic before. Halo and Destinywere to me not matched in this respect until recently. However, that’s becoming a thing of the past with the release of Borderlands 3The already excellent and extremely thrilling shooting experience has been extended in the sequel and is more enjoyable than ever. The shootouts are played with an average soundtrack, making it all the more enjoyable. Every weapon manufacturer has its unique weapon behavior. For instance, Maliwan, highly technological and precise, or Jacobs, an older maker, whose firearms are very realistic. Whatever weapon you use, each gunfight is enjoyable and, when paired with the new motion, is almost impossible to beat. The greatest thing about Borderlands 3 is probably its arsenal of weapons, which now includes many variations on the use of shields, grenades, and more are included. Everybody has heard of the running gun with feet, hasn’t they? Additionally, some weapons of war have two options to choose between, for example, changing between shooting elements.

I’m particularly pleased that a few iconic weapons of the original prequels, which are only available rarely, or through bosses, are now included in the games. The brand new “Legendaries” may still impress me as. In that case, it’s worth keeping the ball a little longer following the final game. Since the developers have dramatically improved the chance of dropping for the game Borderlands 3.0, It’s consequently easier to make the most significant win and not have to take on the same boss numerous times to get it. Like always, gamers are quick on the subject as some guides to farms aid in hunting down the weapons much more straightforward. Recently, however, some fixes have dramatically decreased the chance of obtaining legendary loot, but it shouldn’t stop any player from pursuing the joy of this game. Here’s an example of one of my colleagues from the industry: “looting and lev -…, take a second. It’s impossible to continue looting and lev-… without leveling up!”



Only a few seconds..!

It’s true! As in every other installment in the series, we’re free to pick any of four characters at the beginning of the adventure. This includes Moze, who was a former soldier who can summon her mech while fighting, Fl4k, a beastmaster and the first pet class of Borderlands, and Zane, an assassin who can create a district, as well as many valuable tools and last but certainly not the most diminutive Amara an ethereal siren who loves to fight using her fists. Each of the characters has three skill trees that can be improved. In contrast to the previous version, however, there’s the ability to immediately alter one’s operational capability, acting skills, or even swap them out completely. Most classes are pretty practical and provide their advantages for players, based on the type of game. Particularly in the final round, it is essential to use every skill point wisely to ensure that it can be utilized when combined with the weapon used to deal maximum damage. It is also necessary!

Does it have Borderlands 3 after the around 30 hours of gameplay , namely not played through, but you can play in its True Vault Hunter mode, replay the story on an even more difficult Hartegrad Zocken. Additionally, there’s an option to modify the Mayhem mode within Sanctuary after having completed the level. This is advantageous as you have a higher chance of dropping rare items. However, enemies and bosses are also more durable and more robust.

This leads me to my final point, which is the enemies. They’re in the normal difficulty levels, usually nothing more than cannon fodder, but it doesn’t bother me too much. Those who want a particularly challenging experience can benefit from the Mayhem modes, but the slightly sloppy AI occasionally makes players feel as if they are gods in weapons. In some instances, it’s not the case that the enemies do not take cover or position themselves in a way that isn’t optimal. It’s a good thing that this happens only a few times, but it happens. In terms of variety in the game, you are adequate. The diverse areas also result in a more significant number of enemies. In the least, visually. It is sometimes difficult to tell if the different types of enemies behave alike. The boss fights have been improved considerably in comparison to Borderlands 2.Where previously it was just brutal pounding and now you have to respond to various situations and even move sets of bosses. This makes for a more challenging aspect of fun gameplay.



I am a massive fan of Borderlands 3Sure, there are a few minor flaws, but I’m able to ignore them. Of course, in the third spin-off, the plot turns out to be somewhat weaker than I had hoped. However, there’s no better game that I can play that I like playing for hours. Nothing is more thrilling than figuring out the best weapon for my particular class or spending hours trying to find that perfect weapon. This isn’t even mentioning the fun when playing in co-op mode. Borderlands 3 hasn’t changed in any way which was the right choice made by the creators. It’s simply more in Borderlandswas what the fans of the series wanted, and that’s precisely what they received. More weapons as well as more bosses and more side quests and, most importantly, More banging! It’s challenging to think of something better, could you? If you pardon me, the famous Stark Westergun can’t be trusted.

What exactly is Borderlands 3? A shooter that scores by its humor.

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