Blood & Truth in review – The best PSVR game so far

Special reports, analysis, and background information for heroes of the role-playing genre or hobby generals as well as fans of single-player games – by experts who are aware of the games being played. Your benefits: …

Special reports, analysis, and background information for heroes of the role-playing genre or hobby generals as well as fans of single-player games – by experts who are aware of the games being played. Your benefits:

The future is not looking very good the way for Ryan Marks: when the Special Forces soldier returns home to mourn his father’s passing, the family and he becomes involved in criminal activities within the London underground. A businessman with a criminal past wants to seize their family’s company of the Marks clan with force. Naturally, Ryan’s mix of mishmash does not accept that and decides to strike back.

With the help of PlayStation VR, our breath is caught when we leap through a fifth-floor window to the opposite fire escape. It’s like Bruce Willis in Die Hard as we walk through the ventilation shafts before breaking into the casino. There is nothing more exciting than walking through a hallway at a hotel in slow motion, with two guns in the air and slaying enemies left and right while bullets fly by our ears.

Like being on rails

Everything feels so comfortable because of the nimble controls with both PlayStation Move controllers. They let us independently move Ryan’s right and left hands, and use door handles with gestures. We can also retrieve our weapons from the holster or load ammo clips.

Without thinking about it, we focus on the forward and rear sights and then reflexively blink one eye as we gaze at the shotgun sights. In the newest scenario, when we grab the shotgun pump first and draw the slide back using the second hand to reload it, we’re the Terminator himself.

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In intense firefights, you can also utilize those buttons of the Move controller to make lateral motions (strafing) to block shots or gain an improved shooting position.

The restricted movement is not noticeable in the intense battle and is largely offset by the precision of its aim. For sensitive stomachs, bezels can be set to limit the view while moving, thereby preventing any motion sickness.

The screen is not required to be adjusted to accommodate motion sickness.

Users who do not have Move controllers can use their PS4 Dualshock – though this is a dual-hand controller that operates as a whole, creating one feeling that Ryan is shackled. It works, but it takes away some of the excitement of the game.

Shaken, but not stirred

Locked doors can make us slower to relax and reduce the level of adrenaline. They can be smashed with a bit of finesse and the traditional lockpick. In other places, we must cut wires in locks while solving small problems or equipping explosive devices with detonators.

The battles in the fire are tough and require skilled use of cover and the right weapons. If the enemy can still defeat us, no frustration is a factor. The checkpoints are spread out, and the experimentation with diverse weapon types, including the Colt and grenade launchers, is a great way to replay the sections many times.

Furthermore, alternate paths, secret collectibles, and Easter eggs in the levels give the highest replay value.

Tight family ties

We particularly liked the scenes in which we travel with our narcissistic brother and visit an art gallery at night to prepare for the next assault on the boss of the gangsters.

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These moments are cleverly written with a keen eye for specifics and provide the characters time to grow. They build the characters’ bonds with one another, which can help to keep the drama amidst the straightforward action.

British humorous and London style

The voice and professional actors perfectly capture the traditional British humor present in the original soundtrack and contribute to the overall impression. Additionally, the game can be completely translated into German; however, it takes away some of the production’s atmosphere and the wonderful captured London style.

To acknowledge that there are certainly more bizarre and exciting experiences, particularly in VR. Blood & Truth is not very innovative and doesn’t fully exploit the possibilities in virtual reality. However, the concept London Studios wanted to achieve is achieved almost flawlessly. It’s challenging to make an even better job at an action-oriented rail shooter that is an immersive tribute to the action film. This is the most excellent game Sony has ever made for its glasses. Period.

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