Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids in the test

The most recent expansion in the Viking story by Ubisoft, Wrath of the Druids, will take players to the lush and mythical realm of ancient Ireland while letting Eivor go on a thrilling new adventure …

The most recent expansion in the Viking story by Ubisoft, Wrath of the Druids, will take players to the lush and mythical realm of ancient Ireland while letting Eivor go on a thrilling new adventure on Ireland’s island. So how did the further expansion to the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla game look, and was I able to feel Wrath of the Druids? To answer these and many other concerns, I had to test the DLC under the microscope to see for myself.

The Land of Green Pastures is beset by a Druid cult, disrupting the tranquility of the country and causing havoc on the plans of the Gaelic Kings. So it’s a good thing that, after the invitation to visit, Eivor shows up and is well-versed in the sly disappearance of the shady criminals. The adventure begins in the meadows and forests of Ireland to stop the terror and reveal the mysteries behind the Druid cult.

New Old

The Wrath of the Druids provides a new open-world zone to explore. It’s packed with various hidden treasures, artifacts, and riches, along with (stone) puzzles, and can be seen visually. Most interesting are the brand changes in the weather, which have brought some stunning highlights. There are wide meadows of lush green that sparkle in the sunlight as the cattle rest and nap on them. They also have cloudy sunsets that make the sky appear like a shade of purple, and then bright rainbows are at the top of the list. But, even though the weather conditions are well constructed, the space sometimes feels somewhat empty. Here there is a little more activity or a greater amount of animals, and even residents living in smaller settlements could have boosted the ambiance factor substantially. The scenery isn’t only distinguished by beautiful scenery; it is also characterized by powerful ring fortresses waiting to be conquered by you. While this might seem thrilling at first, the sensation was a bit somber when I first went through them since, although the fortresses are different in style from those found in their counterparts in the British Isles, they hardly provide any diversity in terms of gameplay.

The areas where you come across Druids are well-designed and varied in appearance. The sky is green and awed by magic; your mind tricks you, bringing a vast range of combat. Because the battles cannot be anticipated and you are enthralled, the wolfhound may transform into a werewolf. The druids in the title look amazing and, in my opinion, made me think when I first saw them, I’m hoping to find some armor that resembles this. The design is reminiscent of Hellblade The Senua’s Sacrifice, and they’re almost like ruthless foes when fighting. The only thing that makes them look green – or, instead, its effect that appears in the majority of interactions with the Druids did not just give Eivor as well as me an adequate lift, as this blurred look that reminds me of an element of alcohol can be tough to look at!

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Let’s help boost the economy!

When you arrive in Ireland alone, no settlement can grow and develop. This time , it’s all about increasing economic growth and capturing trading posts to accomplish this. There are numerous dangers within the posts, and they must be removed before you open the doors for trade. Once you have a trading post in your possession, expanding it to improve business is necessary. This will provide you with the required resources, such as delicious foods or even cloth, which can be exchanged for exclusive equipment and materials to build your post. In addition, you will receive skins for your vessel to give it an Irish appearance and armor from all over the globe that was discovered in earlier installments. Trading posts can also function as quick transportation points and are pretty scarce in this game. When you trade in your posts, you can take on royal quests that allow you to finish different tasks. However, with each search, there are also demands from the kings you must respect. For instance, you are required to eliminate a group of bandits who are attacking you. However, you are not to be seen or take injury. To earn the maximum reward, follow the guidelines carefully. To express gratitude, upon successful completion of a quest, you will be awarded more resources that you can use to purchase new construction materials.

In the main, Wrath of the Druids appears to be an unintentional version of the main plotline: Again, you’re trapped in a royal plot, and the story ends up being about the abolition of the cultists. In this case, I would like to have seen more variation , which would have brought an air of freshness to the show. The characters are, with only a couple of exceptions, very dull and one-dimensional, and the story didn’t inspire me emotionally. Wrath of the Druids is an excellent story with spectacular scenes but did not fully realize its full potential. According to me, it could have delved further into the issue of the Druids rather than skimming the surface and wasting much of the time focusing on the power struggles of the royals. As I said, I find it an affront that the world of games seems empty for long periods. I would also be thrilled to have seen new animals and other colored cats roaming the globe. The only exception is that the Irish Wolfhound has been introduced as a new dog model. However, this model can be summoned during battle because the new powers spread across the world of games and do not have mercy on adversaries.

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The English dubbing, which is used on the main game is very well done generally. There are places where there could have been more emotion to the voice to give certain scenes more dimension. Also, face animation (keyword lack of eyebrow movement) can make what’s spoken loses its meaning, and I am trying not to let my attention drift away from the scene. The rage that is the title at the end is somewhat sluggish. The soundtrack is memorable, particularly the songs of the bard with red hair whose acquaintance you’ll meet during The Wrath of the Druids. I might have been listening to this young woman for many hours (if it weren’t for that test report). The music was atmospherically put into a masterpiece, and you’ll appreciate your time in Ireland.



Visually, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids is stunning, with the weather effects making an impact.


The music is excellent, but the music is a little rigid and a bit sterile in some places.


The controls are familiar from the original game and do not depart from familiar elements from the expansion.

Game design

There were improvements here. More attention to the druid and less royal fighting would have been more beneficial.


The game certainly had huge changes on my motivation. Although I was incredibly interested in rapidly increasing my trading posts, my motives for the story were moderate.


Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wrath of the Druids gives players a chance to play in a stunning new landscape. A thrilling story is in store. However, it has excessive conflict between the royals, something we have already seen in the original game and is not focused enough onon the Druids. I think it could have gone further into the mysticism and mystery of folklore. Trading posts give an enormous amount of motivation through their resources, which can be traded for specific rewards. I’ve never been a fan of raids quicker! But I feel that the DLC hasn’t fully tapped into its potential to my satisfaction, making me feel disappointed after having played through it.

The Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Wrath of the Druids – Rating

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