Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The Siege of Paris in the test

On the 12th of August , The Siege of Paris, the most recent expansion to the currently version of Assassin’s creed section centered on the story set around Viking Eivor, was released. The game is …

On the 12th of August , The Siege of Paris, the most recent expansion to the currently version of Assassin’s creed section centered on the story set around Viking Eivor, was released. The game is now in a foreign policy trip to war-stricken France to protect your family from England from a potential French invasion.

Then, Charles the Fat reigns in France and is at war with the new arrivals of Vikings over the country. When Eivor receives a request from younger Viking Toka along with her clan to help in their fight against The French leader, you instantly begin to assist since the king, who is power hungry, might also be able to stretch his fingers along the ocean route to England and would like to harm the members of your Viking family. To begin with the Siege of Paris, you must already have established your presence in England and completed at least, one regional epic!

Bienvenue a Paris

When you arrive in France, The scene is horrifying – burning homes and barren, destroyed settlements and a large number of soldiers from the enemy. Charles the Fat is a violent ruler affecting the beautiful Frankish countryside. To end the war between the newly-settled Vikings, as well as their desire for revenge and the wealthy ruler, you could explore different routes. Contrary to this game, unlike in the principal game and the initial expansion The Wrath of the Druids You don’t need to hunt down the mysterious members of the order instead, you can tackle them in an extremely thrilling, yet also highly political, sequence of quests. This makes it very easy for me, as I can say that my lust for cult members who are mysterious that I must search for using a variety of clues is more than satisfied at this point. The wide open spaces are manageable but full of activities and stunning surroundings. There are vast fields of bright poppies, weeping willows along shores of lakes, and streams, where tiny turtles and frogs play in the water, or sand beaches where seals can relax. There’s some cute eye candy available, and was more inclined to cycle through the gorgeous landscapes infor a long time stead of using the quick transport points. To take pictures of the beauty of France, You still have the option of taking photos to use.

A delightful present awaits you on the rooftops of Paris, the city of cats. They will surely enjoy their stroll around the city, as I’ve never witnessed so many fluffy noses in one spot. However, a second, less cute but more enticing surprise is waiting for you on the city’s streets. In a way, it’s a direct re-invention of The Plague Tale Innocence Swarms of rats now reside beneath the ground, making your life challenging. They are attacking frighteningly and can be very difficult to deal with. However, they aren’t able to kill you, and they’ll just chase you away through the next crack or crack and then enjoy some tranquility. If you’re lucky, something nearby can be used to prevent rats’ access. However, you may not have the luxury of having this to choose from, as for specific quests or treasure hunts, you must be careful to get access to an item at the right time. Rat swarms, however, are, in my opinion, more potent than other opponents in the game. Therefore, they ended up being more of a novelty for me. In this case, I suggest you carry a rapid weapon and a strong mind while tackling the tiny creatures.

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Same, identical; however, it’s different

In the main game, as well as the final expansion, there are no classic side quests. However, some hidden secrets like altars, stones, puzzles, and treasures, or “mini-quests” are irrelevant to the main plot. The game Wrath of the Druids you set up trading posts and received new equipment. In the game’s sequel, The Siege of Paris, you can help rebels in the battle to defeat Charles The Fat and complete the small “Kill the people who follow you,” whether on your own or with AI friends. The missions will require you to go directly to the quest givers to ensure success in completing. Completing these missions will grant the player access to new armor and weapons and the ability to upgrade your AI-powered fighters. If you’re looking for a fashionable look, There are new tattoo designs and hairstyles you can buy or discover in the wild world. I was particularly impressed with my favorite set, the Carolingian tattoo set. You can embellish your body by adorning it with a mixture of gold crosses and floral designs.

I find it always thrilling to discover more information concerning The Brotherhood of Assassins, but it’s a shame that aside from an old office you can see in the game, there’s no significant information about the Brotherhood of Assassins. There’s an opportunity to incorporate the DLC more seamlessly with the game’s main. The new additions include notable assassinations to eliminate bosses. The general rule is that you can have several options, whether discreetly, to be close enough and get access to a unique assassination plan, or engage in the classic duel. Although the tale of the expansion proved quite exciting, I didn’t feel that the journey to France and the intervention by Eivor were required. The decisions made had little or no impact; ultimately, it all boils down to the battle for Paris. In terms of gameplay, there aren’t any breakthroughs, but the most significant invention was the rat swarms. Remains in my memory rather negative.

A brand new DLC is, of course, also a sign of new skills and abilities (most relevant in this case is the ability to keep rats from escaping with bait, though this did poorly for me with regards to implementation) as well for me, which is it’s always the most enjoyable of all is the new mount! This time , you’ll get an animal on the back of which you can explore the new world. I consider the bear models featured in The game extremely impressive when compared to other animals since while some of them are stunning and high-end animated and modeled, some animals have a more similar look to the pigeons in Novigrad in the game The Witcher 3And unless you’re a picture mode enthusiast who gets as close as you can to every animal in games to get a great image, this shouldn’t be too obvious. It’s unfortunate that in potatoes mode, bats, frogs, and, in particular, rats, who are a more significant part of the game with this update, will be running through the game next to unique models like turtles, bears, or squirrels.

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In the majority of cases, the world of games looks amazing and is a feast for the eyes!


There’s nothing bad to say regarding the sound, besides that the voice of Eivor in conversation is louder than her co-workers*. The soundtrack is very well-done.


Nothing has changed in gameplay compared to the original game. The only difference is that the added rat swarms seem somewhat out of balance.

Game design

I think the DLC could have had an extra bit of reference to Eivor, the main character.


The main narrative and, in particular, exploring the open world greatly motivated me.


The Siege of Paris faces similar weaknesses to the original game and the initial expansion. However, it shines because of an incredible open world, creating the perfect setting to take a relaxing trip into beautiful locations with a soaring music background. It could’ve been told with more references to Eivor herself and her family, but overall was enjoyable even though I might like it more if my choices had an impact. However, overall the game came up below my expectations and could have plenty of room to develop. Anyone who has had issues with the original game isn’t going to be thrilled with the new expansion. But, players who played for hours in England and loved the experience will also see the value they paid for in France.

The Assassin’s creed of Valhalla: Siege of Paris – Rating

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