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Hello, I’m Tom, and I’m an addict. The beginning of my “Anno addiction” began in 1998 when a previously undiscovered Austrian developer studio launched a tiny but enjoyable game in which I was able to …

Hello, I’m Tom, and I’m an addict. The beginning of my “Anno addiction” began in 1998 when a previously undiscovered Austrian developer studio launched a tiny but enjoyable game in which I was able to explore and discover unexplored island worlds in the early modern era. Twenty more years on, and I am not able to get rid of it because of the frequent replenishments offered by my reliable retailer (better than Ubisoft) and, through Anno History Collection Anno History Collection, it’s likely to stay the same.

What does the collection include to satisfy my need for a more complex building strategy? The first thing consists of the classic city-building titles Anno 1602 and Anno 1503. Anno 1701 and Anno 1404 with their expansions – however, both sci-fi sequels, Anno 2070, and Anno 2205, are not included (would be in contradiction to what is called “History” of the title). Each game consists of all updates and improvements, including greater screen resolutions than the original. However, Anno History Collection is not a remaster. Anno History Collection isn’t a remaster since the changes and additional content, can be handled easily. There is nothing new in the basic framework or the game mechanics used in the building simulations. Therefore, one cannot hope for changes in gameplay or even brand-new features for players. The AI is being revised, and the interface is mostly the same as the first.

It also brings up the initial issue as the resolution of the titles can be increased to 4K and even adapted to widescreen formats; within the two older games, this causes the menu and the individual buttons to become extremely popular. To address this issue, you can now enhance the user interface by increments up to the level of 2.9. Enhancements like more cursor variations, borderless window modes, and multiscreen support are among the new features available to all games from Anno History Collection. Anno History Collection. Additionally, the games now come with the option of multiplayer. However, it’s only available online using Uplay. The most impressive feature is the possibility of transferring old save games as saves from single-player games can be transferred to newer versions. For fullness, the bonus content needs to be included. However, there are only wallpapers and soundtracks to be discovered on this site.

At the beginning of the year

Anno 1602 The Creation of a New World was one of the games that nobody was aware of when it was released. It didn’t get much attention before its release in the press, and the initial reviews were a bit average (80 percent of the time). Power Play 5/98 – you Philistines! !!!). It was among those games that increased in popularity through word of mouth. It was necessary to play if you were looking to speak with like-minded players at the table with the regulars. The creator of this unique game genre combined building and the strategic game was a team of just ten people from the Austrian producer Max Design. Max Design. The game’s fundamental concept was well-defined in the early days. The aim was to find an island planet, colonize it, expand it , and deal with the other island. Additionally, it is important to meet the demands of the population on one’s own to open up new production lines. But, the comparison with that of the Settlers games, which were commonly used at the time, was a mistake, as Anno featured a similar scurry effect but was focused on the connections between economics and intricate economic cycles. Anno 1602 The Creation of the New World counted in 2002 and sold 2 million copies. The highest-selling game ever developed in Germany and set the basis for a popular series.

There aren’t any Gamers. At the analysis of the game, or from the set of expansions ” New Islands, New Adventures“; in fact, it was released in 1998. it’s a little older than the one we have in our magazine. If I were allowed the privilege of writing about it at the time, my conclusions would have been highly enthusiastic, Of course. At present, I am slightly sombrely over the version within Anno History Collection. Anno History Collection since the yardsticks are used, the game isn’t more current. However, since the game has not been altered in the gameplay itself, The developers call the changes “quality-of-life” enhancements. For instance, the mouse’s left button can now be used to perform actions, and the mouse’s wheel is now used to zoom. Since the short renders, like when you’ve discovered an undiscovered resource, are not updated and are available in a minimal resolution. They are now able to be played with small-sized windows. Fans of the past may be able to enjoy Anno 1602: The Creation of an Imaginary World All others are advised to try any of the other titles from the collection.

The past is back

In the year 1503 of Anno. The world of islands is seven times larger than the one before it could be explored on a ship. The islands are situated in various climate zones that naturally also have an impact on extracting raw material as well as cultivation options. Contrary to the Anno of 1602, the diversity of culture is much more extensive. In the north, the Eskimos are residing in igloos. The south is home to Africans, Indians, and Venetians who are at war with the islands and the pirates from the beginning. Naturally, every culture has its unique homes and inhabitants. But not every nation is a friend to the player. Some view invading their territory as a war crime and want to get players out of using it anyway. The basic combat system that was used before has been revised. Eleven weapons range from pikemen with no heft to mounted musketeers, which can be controlled through Anno 1503. For war machines to be moved and operate as military machines, they must be controlled by operating teams. Without crews, a war machine cannot be controlled and may be captured by hostile forces. Through battles and combat, soldiers acquire experience that enhances their ability to attack and helps them be more durable in defense. Every soldier is entitled to at least three experience points. Warships are utilized for naval combat. They are constructed in shipyards and are equipped with cannons based on the vessel’s dimensions. Another new feature in the battle system is the capability to put military units in specific groups, with different impacts on attack, movement and defense behaviors. Alongside the many variations of attack options, your settlement could be secured by the defense against attacks from enemies with city walls and fortresses. In The campaign, twelve missions are available to you where you will not only have the normal settlement and trade missions, but you will also have to rescue princesses, engage in sea battles and take down enemy settlements, in addition to other tasks. Ten scenarios are waiting for players to try their hand at when you’ve accomplished the entire campaign. If this isn’t enough, There are endless games. The true Anno feeling comes into play in the trading, settling, and fighting with no order and without a plan.

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My verdict in 2002 was that “The addicting gameplay from the previous version is back despite the absence of fresh and innovative ideas in the latest edition and keeps genre enthusiasts at the computer for months. People with less experience with WiSims and other building games are likely to deal with their anger first than computer players, as the huge complexity and very high difficulty level will make it difficult for newbies and novice players. Furthermore, the numerous technical issues that could happen on different systems make a life for players more challenging and can impact the game’s gameplay. However, even if fun innovations are not commonplace within Anno 1503 and the experience isn’t able to live up to the hype, it’s certainly one of the most successful trade simulations currently available.” Apart from the many technical issues, the absence of a multiplayer game mode was one of my main critiques. It was evident in the final version that the team of Max Design had overreached themselves in the development of the successor and had even left gaming for a while.

In my review, I am still hoping that the multiplayer feature, as promised, would be included in one of the previously scheduled updates, but it hasn’t happened. It’s at least not yet since among the more impressive features of Anno History Collection is the multiplayer component Anno 1503, which also operates through Uplay and includes five different multiplayer games that are manageable. Additionally, there are some bug fixes and usability enhancements. But, overall, it’s not enough, and the sequel is still the black sheep that the game series have not adored.

The 18th century.

Anno 1701 was not only the first game in the series that could shine in 3D full-color but also the first Anno by the developer Related Design, which now is operated as Ubisoft Mainz. The game’s innovations in gameplay comprised the central market that provided visual feedback about the population’s satisfaction and the capability to set taxes for each level. Another new feature was the lodge feature, which allowed you to observe and even sabotage the other players. For instance, you were able to dispatch thieves, saboteurs, or Revolucers to the enemy’s islands to disrupt your enemy’s development. The absent campaign came an entire year later in the addition of “The Curse of the Dragon.” The setting is Asian. The thrilling tale is told of a legend artifact dubbed The Eye of the Dragon. My initial conclusion was this “Alcohol, as well as nicotine substances, are widely known to be addictive . Anno 1701 must now be added to this list! After being finally free because of the weak predecessor, I was an admitted ANNOholic for the first time in two hours of playing in the latest version. Old-fashioned virtues, beautiful images – it’s amazing! Like the first days of the show.”

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Anno 1701 has held up remarkably well, and especially those who loved Anno 1800 should not miss this game as certain gameplay elements of the present part of the Anno series have in the game, and along with using the artificial intelligence character Hendrik Jorgensen the family dynasty of the Jorgensen clan is revealed to the world for the first time. The multiplayer mode utilized GameSpy, the Gamespy multiplayer service when it was released; however, it was removed at the end of the month of May. In the meantime, it was no more feasible to play online. However, this is sure to be changed again when Anno History Collection. Anno History CollectionThe other enhancements here comprise mostly bugs and usability improvements.

All the way back into the Middle Ages

The year is the year 1404. You, as a participant, assume the role of navigator in the latter Middle Ages. One of the major innovations is that as you settle in both the Occident in the Occident and Orient, you must deal with two distinct populations, each with its individual buildings and requirements. Because certain essential raw materials and products that Europeans require are only available in the Orient and the Occident, it makes a particular dependence on one another. Even though the focus is on the never-ending adventure, Anno 1404 is a lengthy campaign. It deals with a clerical intrigue that seeks to topple the emperor. The player is an unnamed principal character who is part of the crusader army of nobleman Richard Northburgh. Anno 1404: Venice is the expansion. Anno 1404: Venice added 15 single-player scenarios and also a new character named the Venetian Giacomo Garibaldi. Agents can get into and take down foreign cities, and through city councils, whole settlements may be purchased. The most important innovation was, however, the multiplayer mode that can play games that allow at least eight people over through the Internet or local networks.

Anno 1404 has been the only game that I haven’t been permitted to play for Gamers. However, I’m unable to contribute much to the comments of my friend at the time, who said: “This makes building strategy more enjoyable than it has been for quite a while. The balance between simplicity and accessibility is very well executed and certainly not to the detriment of the core gamers. In addition, the Orient and the many connections between both cultures create a lot of complexity. Anno 1404 is by far the most popular Anno of all time.” Anno 1404 is the best of all time.” Bullet Award that was awarded in the year, 1404 was well-deserved. The new features that are part of the History Collections are limited here to minor technical improvements that will improve performance and avoid crashes.


When I wrote my article on A NNO 1800 I was still debating which spinoff could make my fan favorite Anno 1404 off the top spot, however, after taking note of hours played it is clear that there is any doubt that the time that was that Industrial Revolution does offer a little more gameplay than the medieval one and that my preference has changed significantly in the process. However, I’ll keep it because The gameplay and the long-term enjoyment in both of the games are both on par, and that’s the reason Anno 1404 is definitely the best in this collection. History Collection. In the first installment of the series and its sequel, on the other hand, you’ll require nostalgic glasses that have very dense, perhaps rose-colored lenses. These games haven’t aged well both in terms of gameplay and controls. However, if you’ve never played an Anno yet, then you should consider the games without hesitation, as at the very least , Anno 1404 and 1701 remain one of the top games in the field of building strategies. If you’re absolutely in need of the entire collection or stick to the individual titles, each player has to decide on their own (all components are sold separately). I’m an old Annoholiker, but I’m pleased that I, too, have been able to play the Anno 1602 is finally playing on my new computer, even if the nostalgic feel of the past is definitely not returning.

What exactly is Anno History Collection? Four highly regarded city-building classics, as well as their extensions, are fully optimized for the latest operating systems. Link: Official website

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