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In the last few days, Ubisoft announced that the PC is the top-selling platform in the quarter that ended in the end. This is not just caused by Anno 1800, which came out just a …

In the last few days, Ubisoft announced that the PC is the top-selling platform in the quarter that ended in the end. This is not just caused by Anno 1800, which came out just a few days in the past, but certainly in large part. The simulation of construction enthralled everyone, from newcomers to oldies. However, you don’t need any new content for Anno as everyone is aware that the city never gets constructed; Ubisoft delivers us the first of three DLCs that are planned with the title ” Sunken Treasures.”

A quick note: you can play any of your save games from the campaign that you’ve already obtained at least 700 crafters to unlock the expansion. After you have loaded an older save game, it will be asked to enable the DLC that is included in this save game. However, you will be warned that if you choose to do so, you will never be able to go forward (for that save game) But who would want this?

The queen has gone…

The story begins with Sir Archibald Blake desperately asking you for help, as the Queen has secretly set the move with her ship. You are required to embark on an adventure to track the boat. Decision after choice leads you closer to her until you meet her. The captured ruler will help you find out the reason for her disappearance. She wishes to erase the shame of the past, including the battle at Cape Trelawny, where her father was once a leader against La Corona, and restore the capon scepter, which was lost in the war. This will help to strengthen their strength. When you reach the fight site, Her Majesty’s will grant you a vast island on which to set up an island colony. From there, you’ll be able to plan your hunt for sunken treasures of the cape. However, as I said, those treasures have been sunken. Submarines won’t be developed until 2070. So what is the best way to get the prizes? Old Nate inventor who found his house on an island within the steampunk-inspired look of Cape Trelawny is working on one of his latest inventions: a diving bell. Now you can explore the underwater treasures. Beware: Vasco Olivera is also looking for treasure and probably won’t surrender it completely.

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Let’s take a look at the fa├žade

But the gorgeous facade of a staged and well-staged narrative shouldn’t blind us and let the actual factual evidence speak for itself. “Sunken Treasures” is the DLC ” Sunken Treasures” includes approximately six hours of extra content that provides for thirty new challenges, along with six brand recent Achievements and three unique ornaments that you can unlock. However, the most impressive aspect of the latest content is the brand new Cape Trelawny region, with its continental island. This is three times bigger than the most oversized island discovered in the year 1800 and provides an almost endless opportunity to expand and construct your ideal city. It’s not just concrete facts that will become apparent after a closer look. What you may not be aware of initially and then ignore concisely is the depth of the new treasure hunt feature. It’s not just a short cruise around, with divers thrown out there since you can only dive underwater in certain areas in the world of treasure hunting. The game’s humor lies in this. Apart from the diving bell, the old Nate offers various gimmicks and enhancements waiting for you to discover and make the hunt for treasure during an expedition a complete experience in and of itself on the maps. Cape Trelawny doesn’t limit you. Treasures can be found on every continent and even in the ancient world. Minor details aside, The smallest details within the game add to the perfect mood of the music! The DLC soundtrack features three new tracks that give the game a deeper feel by incorporating orchestral music.

There is gold everywhere.

But it’s not so since, beneath the seas , there is scrap. Nevertheless, it can turn into highly valuable rubbish after you’ve offered it to your old Nate to sell. It’s the same for the DLC. The moment you start feeling disappointed, you feel like you’re a liar about the addition. Also, doubts arise about whether the added content is worth the cost. For all we know, Ubisoft wants just under twelve euros for the DLC on its own or twenty-five euros for The recommended Season Pass. However, as it does with scraps, so it does with the DLC that it is revealed in the end as a profitable venture and grants an unsatisfied Annoholiker the things he wants.

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Sunken Treasures is a fantastic expansion. Sunken Treasures expansion provides a thrilling sequel to the campaign’s original storyline, but it’s got one major flaw: despite all the care given paid to details, the exciting production of the story and the stunningly constructed new structures in Nate’s Island, it feels like you’ve been there in some way. It comes to a point after approximately an hour in which you are unable to play the game, and you have to struggle to reach the highest levels to avoid falling into the initial anger that the game doesn’t deserve. Once you’ve got through this stage, however, everything becomes more exciting. This island can be described as the ideal that all Anno players. There is so a lot of undeveloped space with so many resources, and you’re back in your Annoholiker phase, and you can’t leave the game.

What’s Anno 1800 the Sunken treasures? Additional story content for Anno 1800 about the disappearance of Queen Victoria and the mystery of Cape Trelawny. Link: Official website

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