Anno 1800 Season 2: Palaces of Power in short test

The initial Season Pass of Anno 1800can be described as mixed. This is because, after it began well thanks to the Sunken Treasures, I was a bit dissatisfied with The expansion Botanica. Only the narrative …

The initial Season Pass of Anno 1800can be described as mixed. This is because, after it began well thanks to the Sunken Treasures, I was a bit dissatisfied with The expansion Botanica. Only the narrative of the Polar Expedition that was in The Passage could be convincing to me in full. The second season, which includes three DLC, is in the beginning blocks, and the very first is known as the The Palace of the Powers.

Being an older Annoholic, the structures are a familiar sight to me as they’ve been a significant component of the game from the start of the series venerable ancestors in Anno 1602in 1998. They are now back with the first DLC in The second series. Palace is just like a botanical garden; the museum or zoo is modular. It means that you can select from six different components (straight pieces, gates corners, connections, intersections, ends details, and visual variations of straight sections) and arrange them however you’d prefer. The central part is the structure, which will be unlocked once the first investor arrives on the island. Then you’ll find an additional entry in the investor menu, and you can put the first piece. If you decide to start an entirely new campaign, providing the funds required right from the beginning is essential because this kind of royal residence isn’t inexpensive. One million gold coins, as well as a massive amount of bricks, wood and steel girders, mirrors, and reinforced concrete, should be paid for in addition to the cost of maintenance which shouldn’t be overlooked. The palace’s construction is then simply discussed through an article in the newspaper. Unfortunately, there isn’t a story or quest-based series about the building’s construction, which is initially disconcerting.

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Where is the power source from?

The new palace’s gorgeous design not only creates an aesthetic impact on your islands and cities but also has advantages in terms of gameplay since there are five ministries. Each comes with a real benefit. For instance, the Ministry of Labor boosts manufacturing facilities’ efficiency, Trade improves storage space, and Administration is a source of many more employees. Furthermore, we can create a single policy per department, which generates other valuable advantages. Based on the attraction and appeal of the place, we can gain access to different ministries and enforce more doctrines. But, you can only construct one palace within your kingdom within the game, and it must be built in the Old World, either in the beginning game or at Cape Trelawney from the Sunken Treasures DLC. You can use the so-called regional ministerial if you’d like to apply specific policies on other islands or in more remote regions. They’re an outpost of the palace. But, since the court is not limited to the number of modular units when designing a castle and it is possible to change the rules at any point, There is plenty of scope for experimentation. The endgame, in particular, that is part of Anno 1800 dramatically benefits from these extra game mechanics. It encourages us to keep playing and exploring.


Following an announcement about Palace of Powers, I was anticipating a DLC that was akin to Botanica as well. Consequently, my expectations were set relatively low. The same assessment was established at first, since the launch of the building entirely without a campaign was rather disappointing. However, with its various ministries and policies, the modular palace will be an essential element in the final game and will give long-term motivation. The first episode of the second Season Pass to Anno 1800 may not be qualitatively like the one its predecessor of the first season left on, but it is sure to make you want to play more.

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What’s Palace of Powers? The first DLC in The second Anno 1800 Season Pass to build magnificent palaces. URL: Official website

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