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A hammock to relax on the beach, taking a stroll in the wild and making the furniture of your dreams, having a fierce battle with a tarantula at night, Tom Nook’s “Ripe for the Island …

A hammock to relax on the beach, taking a stroll in the wild and making the furniture of your dreams, having a fierce battle with a tarantula at night, Tom Nook’s “Ripe for the Island Package” offers so much in it. Animal Crossing has always stood for slowing down. No obligations, no stress. Mainly when so many bad things are happening all over the world, and the news can’t be able to stop – that’s when you’re looking to get away from the daily grind. Relax to the sounds of the ocean on an island that is deserted. Animal Crossing New Horizons is precisely what you need to do.

The clocks move differently on the island

In stressful times such as these, it’s hard to shake the thought of knowing that Nintendo might just be able to see the future after all. Because, with Animal Crossing New Horizons, Nintendo has provided a large number of players around the globe with precisely what they’d wish to have but can’t get: a sanctuary at a tranquil beach. It is a far cry from daily life and work, away from sickness or bad news. Tom Nook’s “Ripe for the Island Package” sent the player to an island far away with only two roommates and equipped with just the essentials.

The adventure starts quite casually, beginning with the first housewarming party at the beach. What could be better than the beginning of your life on an island more enjoyable than gathering with your family and friends around a campfire amid the darkest night? These peaceful moments prove that Animal Crossing has always had a knack for taking the pressures of daily life from the mind and immersing the player in their world. (Because you’re wondering why I’ve already put more than ONE hour in”tutorials “tutorial”? It’s as if I’ve got my life under control… therefore, Please! )

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A campfire with friends suddenly makes the stress of everyday life seem less!

The world is at my palm thanks to the stylish NookPhone

Following the joint opening of the island around the campfire, our adventure in the wilderness begins. Then, just as the celebration is over, the raccoon that we have trusted appears in front of our tent since I have my personal “NookPhone,” which is a new concept in Animal Crossing New Horizons.This provides a variety of apps designed to make life on the island more comfortable for us and, therefore, doesn’t let us be completely isolated when it rains. In the beginning, it appears that the NookPhone has only certain functions. For instance, a camera mode (which quickly found a way to gain an area in my heart), maps of the island, and an emergency service that can drop you off at the front of your tent if you get in trouble.

The essential app for the “NookPhone” is called “Nook miles.” These are a sort of system for success in the game. For any activity on the islands, miles could be taken. For example, if you catch 150 fish or are captured by wasps ten times, each aspect of the game is covered in miles. Anyone can decide by their individual preferences and what activities they’d like to engage in.

Many Nook miles would like to be earned

Begin with a warm welcome and first bill

Alongside the NookPhone, The budget also has sufficient to cover the tent previously mentioned lamps, a tent, and a hefty coffin. The rest is up to the user. The first survival package in”Ripe for the Island Package” is the “Ripe of the Islands Package” However, Tom Nook thanks you directly in person by handing you huge bills of 49,800 Sternis, which is the currency of Animal CrossingAHJA. Thanks for your generosity, you Raccoon. There’s nothing better than enjoyment and relaxation. Be a hard worker and earn money. That’s the order for the week. I could have predicted that time and time. It’s and will remain time the epitome of absolute fraud. It is what happens in these stunning landscapes.

It’s the first time, but the credit can be used to pay off the debt through the accumulation of “Nook miles,” essentially staying in the area and improving it. Thus, the user can decide on his own whether to use the miles to do this or redeem them for any of the many benefits. For instance, unique furniture and Nook Inc.-inspired clothing. In addition, everyone can get one of the best Hawaii T-shirts, showing that our raccoons are committing crimes to cause trouble around the islands.

If you choose to repay the loan with stairs, you’ll need to select flowers, collect fruits and then sell fish or insects as profitably as you did in previous Animal Crossing adventures. The loan is then taken care of at the bank’s terminal. It is saved, in fact, at first promptly, and you don’t have to be concerned about getting even one Sterni due to a mishap.

Ach damn. I ought to have known. You cheap coon.

Nook Inc. leaves nothing to be desired. Graphic update available!

Then. We are so far from civilizations; they are a time to once more come to terms with their debts from the beginning to the new game and cleverly dealt with Your Mr. Raccoon. I’ll be watching you. For us, however, an encouraging thought is that for the first time in our lives, our neighbors will also need to repay the credit in the name of Tom Nook. This has always been the responsibility of Tom Nook himself. This is only one of the many moments which show the lively world of New HorizonsBecause this time, everyone is more active around certain corners as opposed to the previous parts. Sometimes, our animals sit on the beach and search for a fish or even the latest insect. You can even meet raccoons at the store entrance and observe them sipping coffee or reading a book in the shade of the tree. I loved this!

I immediately set off on a major exploration trip the following morning to keep myself away from the fact that I had no fortune. The massive visual leap the graphics of Animal Crossing New Horizons were able to make compared to the previous spin-offs is impressive. This Switch provides much more power than the Nintendo DS or even the Nintendo 64 console You can feel this from the first moment. All models have been overhauled and may look like they’ve been drawn with love. With the brand new guitar music playing in the background, it’s like you’re at a resort.

If Animal Crossing was a game you’ve played, it has gone by you so far. You live here with a variety of animals as the sole human. With New Horizons, every one of these potential neighbors on the island (and there are more than 460! Each one received a new look, was redesigned, and visually improved. Certain animals received a completely new appearance, and others simply modernized. I certainly didn’t anticipate Nintendo would go to this extent.

The island also knows how to convince visually. The sun’s rays shine beautifully through the trees in the late evening hours, with their leaves blowing nicely in the breeze. The moonlight at night reflects in the river, giving the island its unique ambiance. Furniture, plants, and other things are also given an upgrade. The most notable is the brand new museum located on the island itself. Every single part – butterflies, insects, the huge aquarium, or the huge fossils is completely renovated. In our gallery, you’ll see just a few impressions I received during my trip to the island.

The world of options for customization and tasks

Animal Crossing New Horizons gives the player, at first in the Animal Crossing franchise, the possibility to personalize your island and their very own character as well as their own home. You can truly relax in your everyday island life! Since there are no boundaries in the mind of the participant.

The main tasks in Animal Crossing New Horizons continue to be catching bugs, fishing for fish, or even collecting fruits and beautifying your island with flowers or trees. New Horizons is a different game, but it introduces a brand new aspect of crafting to the franchise “crafting”! Under the direction of smart, money-spinning Tom Nook, the raccoon Tom Nook, we learn how to make furniture and craft tools for the first time. The previously uninhabited island finally has all kinds of raw materials that need to be found! Recipes for new dishes can be purchased or learned through personal exploration.

At first, I could only make a “Wackelaxt,” which was already blessed following that third one. But the more superior raw materials I discovered during my exploration, the more efficient my next axe was – and further strengthened using iron ore instead of wood! The axe always felt improvement and progress, and I was thrilled each time I tried a new recipe. When it was first announced, I was doubtful if this type of art could convince me to play it and if there would actually be a place for it in Animal Crossing. In the end, Nintendo was able to convince me. Kudos!

The crafting mode provides a wide variety of recipes you can discover in the course of playing!

Whether flowers are on stairs, in the air, or on land, everything is feasible this time!

The most significant aspect of New Horizons is that, for the first time, any furniture or decoration can be put inside the player’s house and throughout the island. This has never been attempted previously in the context of an Animal Crossing spin-off! The days are gone when your world was made up of buildings and trees, and you were content with a few flowers. It is now possible to design paths by yourself, and there’s no limit to your child’s imagination. Are you looking for an outdoor playground? Would you prefer an open fire pit and an eating area? Maybe the park with fountains and benches could be an option? Simply think of every idea! With your furniture, everything is possible, and your island could be transformed to expand over and over again.

The new residents can no longer simply move from one place to another within the settlement. (Where “random” is is actually in 99% of my newly created flowerbed directly on the front lawn of my home.) No, the player is now able to decide on his own what place new residents can move into or where the museum is in, and the location where tailors can put up. You can then determine exactly how your island city is going to develop.

You can also personalize the terrain of the island over time. Through the option of a “builder mode,” you can modify the amount of water flowing, make rivers, or even eliminate them. You can create an appearance of a waterfall, construct steps, increase elevations, lower the ground, and more. Trees can be moved in one go without cutting them down and then planting them. The usual structures, such as benches or bridges, can be constructed on the island. And is it possible to make it more different? – is paid for by the player through stars. What a pathetic friend and aid; you’re still stealing the shirt of Tom Nook.

Simple tricks to help make life on the island simpler…

While I enjoyed the earlier Animal Crossing parts, there was a lot about them that made me feel like I was in a sauna. What, if anything, really have to be I must carry each shell separately to collect fruit? Why can’t my pears be placed properly, considering the space in my backpack? How many times will I need to run between the two locations to make a sale from the beach!! These and other issues were solved with the Animal Crossing game New Horizons stylishly and charmingly. The new version comes with various practical features and, most importantly, numerous quality-of-life enhancements.

Inventory has been significantly enhanced, meaning that fruit shells, shells, or any other resources to use for “crafting” can now be easily stacked into the backpack that can stacked up to a total of 30 parts. Additionally, the inventory can be constantly increased by utilizing Nook miles, which means you have more room for your explorations on the islands. There have been some adjustments to the use of tools. Two new tools are now available to players: a jumping stick and ladder. The staff allows you to move across the river at any moment without having to search for the bridge that is the only one in the village, and, with the ladder, rising levels in the terrain are not an issue for you. Additionally, the “tool wheel” is now available that lets you set up or modify equipment with the push of one button. Small changes like this can be made throughout the game and make your stay on the island an enjoyable experience.

.. as well. Many things are brand new in the home and home, too!

The furnishing mode of the house itself was designed uniquely and influenced by the 3-DS spinoff Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer. When you arrive at your home, this unique mode is available. The present room will be presented in 3D view. Single or multiple furniture pieces can be put together at any point. This makes it extremely simple to set the room from any angle and hang walls and install carpets or wallpaper. The lighting’s temperature can be set according to the space. Nintendo lets players have total liberty in this regard too. I certainly didn’t think that I would be able to let loose energy like this. All by myself, my main room was already flowing for three or two hours with just a handful of existing furniture!

Additionally, there’s no requirement for a separate closet to store furniture or other resources. This is a simple process if one’s own home is considered. As of now, I have observed no limitations on the internal storage space of the home, but I’m wondering if it will soon reach its limits or if hundreds of things could be stored in this space.

Your home is furnished in 3D fashion.

To unknown waters using tickets to the Nook mile tickets

Earlier, I had briefly discussed that there are Nook miles tickets. They can only be purchased through Nook miles through the achievement system. Each time you travel 2000 miles, you will receive a mile ticket. This ticket allows you will be able to explore and explore previously undiscovered tiny islands. You can find exotic materials, fruits, and even bamboo or coconuts on these islands. These fruits can be a significant economic benefit for us. Since every island is outfitted with the “home fruits,” For me, in the example above, they are cherries. These are the ones that bring in 100 Sternis Fruits that are not the cherries that triple! Therefore, it’s worth considering whether to spend Nook miles to earn a reward or for cosmetic benefits. The miles have helped me the most in the past.

Additionally, new residents could be discovered in the wild. If you see any animal you like on an island that is not yours, you may ask it to relocate to your island when you’re on the highway with an hour ticket. In the game New Horizons, you can decide for the very first time who will be the first to join your community. Before that, you were in the hands of fate and often dealt with animals or residents that didn’t match up to your imagination. The characters in New Horizons, the inhabitants, haven’t lost any of their wit or charisma and are still engaged in an epic battle to determine who can make the best joke to tell. The most diverse characters are present in New Horizons, from the sports-loving penguin to the dog that has a gangster’s criminal record.

The one thing I haven’t yet had the chance to test in this regard thoroughly was that of the internet mode. My friends were deeply involved in the growth of their homes. But the first visits were extremely smooth, and there weren’t any lengthy loading times. According to Nintendo, it is possible to meet online with strangers via the islands with mile tickets. I’d never previously experienced this, given that there were probably not many players on the islands around me at the moment. But, it must be noted that this feature, like in other game modes, can only be played with the Nintendo Switch Online membership. This is something that everyone has to determine for themselves if the cost is worth the trip to other islands or if they prefer to concentrate on their own as well as the fun of the Nook miles tickets.


However, if it’s just a coincidence or a glimpse into the future, it happened. Animal Crossing New Horizons could not have had an ideal time frame to release its game. Since I truly am enjoying my virtual holiday on my island to the max – particularly in the turbulent, uncertain times we are in currently cannot think of anything more enjoyable. New Horizons lets players escape in a specific manner without going through their own four walls – an experience that is not so obvious.

Let me be honest. My opinion could be slightly subjective. For one thing, Animal Crossing is the game that introduced me to video games early and has been a part of my heart. However, I’ve never had an experience of Animal Crossing in the way that excellent than New Horizons is. Nintendo has breathed almost completely new energy into the franchise. There are no customization options, irritating characters that damage your flowers, or ineffective control of the game and inventory. The whole thing has been replaced with almost endless customization options on the island you own and your home or character. A well-integrated achievement system can keep the player engaged and provide exciting journeys to ever-changing random islands full of exotic fruit and construction materials. I could not have asked for more from Animal Crossing.

However, let me return to my analysis. For one reason – I’ve never assigned five stars to any game in my tenure at Gamers. And in my previous reviews. Animal Crossing New Horizons has earned my attention this time, but. As a huge fan of the franchise, I can’t find any negative comments about the game; however, it is forced and worthy of removing a full star from. Every aspect of the game is well-thought-out through Nintendo in various parts. It’s a pleasure to explore my world further over the next few weeks, making friends online, creating my world, and welcoming new residents into my community. In the meantime, I would surely recommend anyone who likes simulation games take a look at New Horizons.

There is one essential thing, however: it is and will always be an Animal CrossingAs innovative as New Horizons may be, if you do not have a connection to the entire franchise, New Horizons won’t alter that view! This should be evident to anyone considering taking on the challenge of a new island on their own. In any event, I’m interested to see if a new 2020 game will be able to challenge the title of my “Game of the Year,” particularly to find out what else is to come in the coming years for New Horizons by way of the upcoming update events! These will be available to free DLCs.

What is Animal Crossing New Horizons?A simulation game in which an island can be completely customized.Link:Official website

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