Animal Crossing: New Horizons in test – The first Switch smash hit 2020

Special analysis, reports, and background for gamers, role-playing generals, and single-player players expert opinion from those who know the game being played. Your benefits: If you’re unaware of the concept of Animal Crossing, the life …

Special analysis, reports, and background for gamers, role-playing generals, and single-player players expert opinion from those who know the game being played. Your benefits:

If you’re unaware of the concept of Animal Crossing, the life simulation lets you construct the village. Normally, we’re given some land to build it by the commercially successful Raccoon Tom Nook, but New Horizons on the Switch changes the setting to a deserted island an initial time.

Armed with only the tent and a stack of debts that we’ve dumped into Tom Nook for our trip to the island, It is our responsibility to bring the weedy deserted, and secluded area liveable. That’s the only way to make Stern is returning to our wallets’ pockets so we can pay back the debt.

To accomplish this, we build homes and craft and decorate our island with constantly changing pieces and bits to slowly draw new residents, such as Hamster Dietmar and deer Benjamin.

It’s not a bad idea to play this game. Daily activity quickly turns into a loot spiral with the same addictive element as Diablo 3. We don’t have dangerous weapons but adorable interior decor. Because with each new source we find and each new person we meet, the possibilities for crafting increase.

From the branch and killer robot to just three steps

At first, it’s just enough to gather the wood needed to make an Axe. But, then, the axe provides us with wood, and the wood gives us the tools required to mine ore, and, in no time, we’re busy assembling resources for a giant battle robot. We didn’t consider battle robots initially, but a vast, vibrant red mech is the only thing we’re able to take as an ornament in the village center.

This ought to be the end of our obsession. However, after we’ve proudly placed the huge slide, Melinda gives us instructions for building a noodle slide, and the process starts every time.

Making crafty and building upon each other is common in other games. What makes Animal Crossing’s version attract us more than other games? In addition, it’s because we’re able to create Animal Crossing so much in our game.

The most important thing is our tent and, in the future, our living room. The bigger the space, the more pieces and bits we can put in. A bright and pink room with recordings on the walls and a fossil inside the cabinet? Would you rather have an open-planked library with the flickering of a fireplace? Any idea is acceptable, even an empty room with an unfinished cot and a radio placed on the floor for those who would instead decorate outside rather than inside.

The challenge in the hyacinth bed

You can also observe our island growing. We don’t mean just the plants in the hyacinth garden we’ve set up at our front door. Every step of crafting enhances the possibilities of the island.

The tent is transformed into a house. The weeds are transformed into a gathering area paved with huts,, and newly-planted trees sprout over the place. While we are constantly faced with new challenges ahead, we’re also continually reminded of what we’ve accomplished before.

We can unlock more miles, such as more hairstyles, tools, or a wider selection. When even weed-whacking gets you bonuses, it’s any task that’s not important enough.

When it comes to turnings and turnips, the fun is over.

However, this doesn’t mean that Animal Crossing can’t cause stress. Some things take time. When we finish paying off our loan or commission and buy a larger house, isn’t there in a flash? It will take a few days and a day in the world. There’s no way around it, also.

We’re used to receiving the things we want with other game titles. Animal Crossing forces us to wait. For instance, even though there’s nighttime in Skyrim where shops are shut, it’s only a few minutes, not for a long time. The purpose of the sport is to be persistent.

Mechanisms that force us to use our credit cards in games like Pay2Win ensure that we eagerly anticipate the next day’s game or wake up early to make sure we can catch those who sell turnips.

This can put us under serious stress in our organization. There are many things to consider; for example, the Nooks store’s opening hours of 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. Turnip vendor Jorna is on the island only on Sunday mornings. The ghost Buhu constantly hovers over the island, but only at night.

It’s possible to leave out these dates. Ultimately, we don’t receive any stairs, and we don’t get our house paid off or purchase gifts for our loved ones. And who is going to see us smiling with joy on the market? Nobody. Nobody shows up. After inviting the residents to the island we have created, it will be a pity to let them down in this manner.

As we build our paradise on the island with the hamster Dietmar and deer Benjamin and Anteater Mathilda, They are becoming closer to us. We are thrilled when we get to meet our friends, and we race throughout the island to find medicines when they’re sick. We are responsible for all that crawls and fly around our island.

Graphic Makeover

All that’s taking place on the island! As we leap Switch Switch, Animal Crossing has received a visual overhaul that’s washed. Although the game has retained the typical design of a cuddly knobbly style, the particular effects and details are significantly more real.

Raindrops, for example, create thick circles in the lakes. An insect pupa dangles from a tree on the thread of a fine thread and prays, mantises a stalk through our flower bed with long legs.

The increase in realism frightened the veterans of the series more than it did them in the lead-up. The initial knee-highs that appear in the past without contours could lead to hyper-realistic animal characters that eventually do not exude all of Animal Crossing’s charm. However, this concern is not valid. The residents remain their squeaky clean and individual selves.

It’s more the texture of them that has changed. They now look like the flocked figurines of collectibles and so cozy that we’d like to grab them through the screen and see whether they’re as soft and fluffy as they appear.

Animal Crossing doesn’t just look like a slick, sexy fashion show, however. Its multilayered craft system and massive selection of options for discovery and collection, and diverse cast of characters also show that neither long boss fights nor massive explosions are needed to keep players hooked to the game’s screen. Instead, a tent, an island, and a shovel are all you need. Maybe even a red-painted battle robot.

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