An interesting journey of Monsieur PAF in the test

Imagine 3D within 3D in a 2D world. This is the task Mr. PAF must face during his fascinating journey. He runs, jumps throws to throw blocks. At times, the blocks are also broken. This …

Imagine 3D within 3D in a 2D world. This is the task Mr. PAF must face during his fascinating journey. He runs, jumps throws to throw blocks. At times, the blocks are also broken. This is all to solve the challenges between him and the exit of the temple of archeology in which he is. The developer Ernestine will try to bring back the platform puzzle game. Can it be successful?

Mr. PAF is tall and large as a closet and loves red caps for sliders. His job? He is a companion and protector for an archaeologist who is already old on his trips. However, something goes wrong. The temple’s entrance falls apart, and while the older man can still get out on time, PAF finds himself trapped and is left on his own. The strength of his muscles is of little help in this situation, so, from the moment from now in The Interesting Journey of Monsieur PAF , it’s a matter of turning on the brain.

Following this clear prequel, told shortly and succinctly of graphic novels written in static images, the reader is immediately thrust into the action. We stand in front of the barred gate and take into the temple.

Simple yet complex

Because there is no voice-over, we’re introduced to the movements of the tall, cap-wearing man during the first few minutes. Despite his huge body, Mr. PAF performs his moves with great ease, and controls are released quickly. Most of the time, it’s a matter of timing errors, for example, when determining the ideal jump point to get over the precipice.

At first, the difficulties that the temple has to offer us can be solved initially. After that, however, we frequently need to mix different methods to trigger a response that permits us to move forward. The world of games does not take us by the hand; it always allows us to look across the globe for clues. If we encounter an impasse during our search, we return to the same path and look for a new one.

The design and structure of the puzzles can be a bit challenging at times, but they are always clear and consistent. The French creators took on the DOS iconic Sokoban; however, the main difference is that PAF cannot hinder his progress. Therefore, if you’re thinking about it long enough or play around with it, you’ll eventually achieve your goal.

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Use your skills

In this travels through the walls of time, we can solve more and more problems with the great Monsieur and increase our odds of escaping the temple. We slowly gain new skills. As time passes, we will be able to overcome the challenges that previously seemed impossible. For instance, the mountain of muscle that wears a cap will quickly transform into smaller pieces of rock that can block our path into dust right from the beginning. However, the massive red rocks tossed everywhere are too large and imposing for the character we’re playing. However, they tend to block the path, which means it’s impossible to get away (at first). They also explode when he clenches his fists if he can give him extra power.

Make use of Monsieur PAF’s brains and fists to unravel the mysteries of the ancient temples and save the villagers isolated from the world outside from the curse unleashed by a museologist who also happens to be the patron of the main character.

An interesting journey of Mr. PAF draws its strengths from often challenging puzzles and not so much from an engaging production. The protagonist and his world are technically reduced to their bare fundamentals. The focus is, however, a perfect fit for this type of film.



The design style is reminiscent of some of the first The XIIIfrom 2003. The question is whether this is good or not. Each person has to answer for their own opinions, but I enjoyed the comic-like design back then, and the style is unique and has its appeal. It’s a true 2D world.


When it comes to background music, there aren’t many options. The sole track of about six minutes includes – which is in line with the theme of temples, the sounds of awe, but the way repeats itself too quickly before stopping entirely at a later moment for a couple of minutes.

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The controls are easy to master, and the range of motions isn’t too extensive. However, if you own an electronic gamepad, it is recommended to utilize it as well, as it will make it easier to accurately time jumps, and the whole process runs more smoothly.

Game Design

The somewhat squishy puzzles make the head smoke before even getting started. But, in the world’s freedom, it seems like you’re faced with an option to choose which one to start with. Once you’ve grasped the fundamental mechanics, you’ll be able to make impressive progress in logical thinking and some deductive reasoning.


Those who enjoy puzzles and aren’t frightened by a lack of trappings will appreciate Mr. PAF. For the rest of us, it is possible that solving puzzles by themselves could be too much.


I was amazed by the short and simple background, which doesn’t permit any identification with the main character. It guides an unidentified, silent character around an unimaginable world. It’s like the whole environment is interoperable. In addition, the fact that there are various capabilities can’t be described as a breakthrough.

But, once you’ve decided to accept that, An Interesting Journey of Monsieur PAFoffers a solid piece of the puzzle. Because of the difficulty of certain puzzles, it is not an easy game. However, it does require concentration and the ability to make combinations. In the end, Ernestine’s French designers from Ernestinehave not completely reinvented the genre. However, they have created a game that doesn’t have to be a cloak for the competitors.

A guest article written by Daniel Krondraf.

An interesting journey by Monsieur PAF – rating

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