All-Star Fruit Racing in test – Juicy, but not quite ripe

Special reports, analysis, and background information for heroes of the role-playing genre or hobby generals as well as single-player players – by experts who know the games being played. Your benefits: For racers in karts, …

Special reports, analysis, and background information for heroes of the role-playing genre or hobby generals as well as single-player players – by experts who know the games being played. Your benefits:

For racers in karts, it’s difficult for designers to locate new materials. The majority of mascots have a primary part.

A plumber invites all his buddies to race. Or the fastest hedgehog on the planet invites you to take a fuel-soaked trip through Sega worlds. Racers with trivialized names in F1 Race Stars, cloth characters of Little Big Planet Karting, or animals in Whacky Wheels: no game is not in this category.

Mixing fruits with the click of a button

The apple isn’t far from the trees since the game doesn’t alter the fundamental guidelines of the game. Ten characters can race along a track and shoot each other using various weapons.

They are divided into shields, weapons, and speed boosters. Some are forward-firing projectiles like the pineapple bazooka or a melons chunk that pierces the ground like it was shark fins. However, massive apricots or plums can throw the characters in front of them, making them work as vitamin bombs. Kiwi slices create magnetic fields that slow down, like plant tendrils or water.

One of the most notable features is the juice from the fruit that is spread across the track shape of symbols that are filled with water from four tanks. The four buttons on the controller are used to close and open the valves. This gives you a range of mixing options.

As an example, the combination of melon and kiwi creates an over-the-top snowball. Change the kiwi with cherry, and you’ll receive an increase. Do you hear a jumble? Unfortunately, yes. Once you’ve gotten familiar with the strategies, using fruit juices during races is fun. However, the strategies must be thought of first.

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Why do juices create blocks of ice, or even small Whirlwinds, among other things? It’s not a plausible explanation. However, if you’re looking for something more classical, you can play it in Juicer mode, where things are awarded through an auction, as is typical in the game.

However, the particular capabilities of drivers are more logical. They can be smashed off the fence when all fruit tanks are full. The characters represent a different fruit. For instance, There’s Cora, a coconut personified who throws her coconut as a bowling ball toward the opponents in front of her. Or Giselle and Giselle, who is focused on the avocado.

She can develop an all-nibbling creature that can be seen on the rear of her vehicle , which looks like a carnivore. The game has 21 characters available to be able to unlock, and every one of each one has a unique feature. This may sound like lots; however, it’s generally divided into projectiles, traps, and bombs. There’s less to say. The mix of unique abilities is well-coordinated, allowing every player to pick the most effective strategy. In addition, the vehicles are all operated in the same manner. There is a workshop available; the earned components are only decorative.

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The game world is a tasty recipe

The most advanced aspect that is a part of All-Star Fruit Racing is undoubtedly the track’s thriving design. The world is filled with delightful fruit-related creatures, including a huge sugar melon swimming in a lake. Nuts can ride a rollercoaster on the track.

It’s through the vineyards, through winter apple forests , spicy desserts bursting with peppers, and a crowd of people having fun and wearing sombreros along the tracks’ side. Cut lemons transform into treetops, the winter wonderland is constructed of coconut milk, and gigantic raspberry berries explode like geysers. The four worlds of the upper regions are influenced by the four seasons. Meanwhile, the fifth worlds throw all elements of the fruit blender again.

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There are 21 tracks and plenty of fruit flesh available. Alongside the concept of design, The layout of the tracks is carefully planned out. Tunnels that are narrow, branch turns, loops in open spaces, or jumps that promote attack require some speed. The drift mechanics become more effective, especially when banked curves are involved.

With the press of a button, the car is turned around, and a boost gauge appears. The longer the angle and the more intense the acceleration. But, it should not be overdone when the tires start to glow; there’s an increased risk of overheating and, consequently, a brief stop.

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