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In the game Age of Wonders: Planetfall, Triumph Studios has left the familiar world of fantasy and reintroduced the game’s gameplay to a brand new set of sci-fi. As opposed to being orcs and elves, …

In the game Age of Wonders: Planetfall, Triumph Studios has left the familiar world of fantasy and reintroduced the game’s gameplay to a brand new set of sci-fi. As opposed to being orcs and elves, we leap into battle wearing the extraterrestrial armor of insectoids (with an affinity for PSI attacks) and Cyborgs (who compensate for their losses by fighting the reanimated corpses of members of their joint army) and those of the Dvar (a kind of dwarf that mines for resources using massive equipment). While weren’t fighting or bargaining the status quo, we’re expanding our empires, which , for the most part, appears pretty cool from a visual perspective, but is the move into the sci-fi genre an excellent thing to play with?

From Ashes to Victory

I had very little to no knowledge of Age of Wonders. Age of Wonders series before I got an opportunity to review the sample game for Age of Wonders: PlanetfallThis was because I’d had very little interaction with the building and strategy genre until now. At the same time, I did get my first spurs playing the X-Com 2. as well as Total War Three Kingdoms, but I’m still not yet at the level of professionalism. However, my first encounter with these titles fueled my enthusiasm and admiration for the genre. Particularly the map for the campaign of Total War: Three Kingdoms or the slick combat system in the X-Com sequel did it to me. When I first saw the trailers of Age of Wonders: Planetfall and realized the game would blend my two favorite elements, I knew I had to be in!

The plot of Age of Wonders: Planetfall is straightforward and barely noticed since it’s only the impetus that kicks things off from the ashes of the once-mighty Star Union; six very diverse factions have arisen and are locked in a battle to win supremacy, each having their particular advantages and disadvantages. The Dvar, with their fervor for resources, are reliant on diplomacy and trade and the insectoid Kir’Ko unleash massive PSI attacks on their foes. If none of these work, they let they’re the enemy troops be eaten by giant beetle beasts.

Each faction has several heroes, as well as an officer. We can create this using a character editor for free and give you a variety of beneficial Perks. This could result in incredible boosts to your army or boost the potential for damage to particular units. Each army is comprised of six or more troops. The mix of these troops in each army is up to us. If it is a good mix or concentrated in close fight, ranged combat, or heavy and light units – our tactical flair isn’t restricted in this regard.

The turn-based battles in Age of Wonders: Planetfall take place on a field divided by hexes. Like the X-Com 2, The goal is to bring our soldiers to cover themselves as much as they can and then be able to flank our adversaries. If we can do this, we will receive a hefty bonus on the damage and attack value. Each squad is given a certain amount of points for action. The use of them for attacking or moving is entirely up to us. AI is highly demanding; based on the difficulty level, it is trying its best to make life challenging for us. We could rely on operations commands if the situation gets particularly tight during a battle. These are highly effective actions that can, for instance, reduce the armor strength of the entire forces or free our soldiers from adverse effects. It is essential that there are enough energy resources available and that the action in question is already being studied.

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After a fight is won, units rise in their level. On the one hand, this gives us more damage and hitpoints, but on the other hand , also provides us with the possibility of more robust mods. They also allow us to personalize our minions. If our leader or one of the heroes reaches the level of their respective heroes, we can choose to add additional benefits. In general, I discovered that the battles were exhilarating and dynamic. Unfortunately, the overviews sometimes suffered slightly. We’ll talk about it later.

The art of diplomacy can be a difficult one.

As we mentioned previously, Age of Wonders: Planetfall features a similar map of the campaign to the Total War series. The world maps are well constructed and provide quite an amount of diplomatic history. Some groups are friendly to us and would like to strengthen relations with us regarding security and trade. We, as well as those who want to take advantage of our success and are full of envy at our accomplishments. This leads to a war of words. The way the networks of relationships are linked, the allies will either be bitter towards us or assist us. To alter the quality of relationships, we can select between insult and compliment. It’s not a sign of sophistication, but it does serve its function.

Apart from diplomacy, we also spend much of our time working on the campaign map, expanding our empire. After you have settled a peace agreement, we can add a new sector. Sectors are typically used to obtain essential materials such as food, electricity, and science points. In the beginning, I was fascinated by the numerous possibilities of expanding the colonies, but unfortunately , there is more apparent than actual behind the multiple options for expanding our base. Most of the time, you will only be able to increase the people’s raw material production or satisfaction by introducing new cultivators. Therefore, it is not wise to expect a massive increase in the results of the continued construction of structures. Unfortunately, the advancements made in expanding the community aren’t always evident visually. A newly built area looks similar to an almost complete one. This is a waste of potential since I would be significantly more excited if my buildings could also show their capabilities.

If the management of the building isn’t as flexible with its options, the research may not perform well. The research is split into various categories within the civil and military. As you continue to study, you will be able to unlock new operational orders or units and diplomatic evasions such as espionage or energy theft.

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Exploring the map offers you the opportunity to see five of the non-party races. I was mostly dealing with the PSI fish in my explorations. The visual appeal of these amphibious forms was very similar to the creatures in the film by James Cameron, The Abyss. They can be traded, formed in alliances, and exchanged orders.

Technically pretty and with some quirks

Age of Wonders: Planetfallis in reality a beautiful game. The world and diverse races are beautifully designed and can provide some beautiful particulars. However, the animation of attacks is often lacking the desired impact. If a monster the size of a house strikes a human of the normal size, I’d like to witness a more pronounced reaction than simply falling over like a wooden board. If the beast consumes the victim, I’d like to witness that, too. If the enemy simply disappears, it’s not enough for me to be able to gauge the feedback and will diminish the thrill of fighting. Its animation attack could have also benefited from more variety in the mood. However, you face the issue that the units in motion aren’t highlighted in sufficient detail, and as a result of the crowd’s confusion, the view is a bit obscured.

Control of Age of Wonders: Planetfall is flawless, and the sound performs well in large sections. In this case, the acoustic feedback doesn’t always highlight the action properly.


Age of Wonders: Planetfallis lots of enjoyment. The great battle system and the campaign map, the game’s map, everything works flawlessly. Although it does not quite reach the level of sophistication of the elements, as are, for instance, in The X-Com 2,or the Total War: Three Kingdomsshow. The battles can alter players’ motivation, and thanks to the powerful and intense AI, the combat games provide an enjoyable challenge that forces players to think strategically. The game’s scope is Age of Wonders: Planetfall is also an impressive game. It has fourteen campaign missions, six playable races, and a full campaign editor with the right menu to satisfy every craving. It’s a shame it’s Age of Wonders: Planetfall is a little poor in terms of diversity and design. The different colonies (almost) appear to be alike. The animations for the different attacks also lack diversity, which is unfortunate, and how they stage the attacks is usually insufficient for the force. These are small blips in a generally enjoyable gaming experience, and I look forward to numerous hours with them.

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