It’s taken five years to go since It was five years ago that the Ice Queen – Completely Unforgiven was released in cinemas. At that time, I had lost my fascination with Disney. So when …

It’s taken five years to go since It was five years ago that the Ice Queen – Completely Unforgiven was released in cinemas. At that time, I had lost my fascination with Disney. So when my five-year-old cousin sat me down with big eyes, asking whether I would want to go and watch the movie The Ice Queen with her, I could not say no. At present, I’m happy I watched the film. Because the story of two sisters, Elsa and Anna, was one that profoundly touched me and caused my heart to melt. Since that time, I’ve been waiting for a sequel with great anticipation and was ecstatic to see the sequel to Frozen in the theaters. However, since I had big expectations of the movie, I was concerned about leaving the theater disappointed at the end. It was all without reason!


Following the events of the initial part, three years have gone by as Anna and Elsa are enjoying their lives in the realm of Arendelle to the maximum. But a strange voice is beginning to call Elsa towards her. An agent only she hears. She initially does not want to listen to the odd call, but in the end, she cannot resist the call. Because what if the voice can finally answer the questions she’s been asking herself for all of her life? What is the source of the magic that makes her originate? So then, with her siblings Anna, Kristoff, reindeer Sven, and the snowman Olaf, She sets off north to discover the mystery behind the mysterious voice. The journey leads them straight into the forest of enchantment, in which the mythical people of the Norhuldra dwell. Also, her father, King Agnarr, went to the forest several years ago. Yet, she isn’t aware of Arendelle’s fate; Arendelle and the forest of enchantment are deeply interconnected.

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As with its predecessor, this film has an emotionally well-thought-out story that has been adjusted to its slightly more mature target audience. As a result, it’s Ice Queen 2 feels more serious and adult than the first. My opinion is that Disney made the right decision with the sequel. A lot of love was invested in the sequel. Since, if I’m honest, sequels to films that have been successful have not always managed to make me believe. Therefore, I was surprised that the second film I found was far more successful than the first.

To the thrilling story, there’s a fantastic score by the composition of Christophe Beck, who was involved in “The Ice Queen – Vollig unverforenAnd Of course, there are new earworms from Kristen Anderson Lopez along with Robert Lopez. According to me, the group has done a great job in this album as ” Let it Go” is now a pond beneath the river. There’s music for everyone, from orchestral epics to powerful power ballads that rock to soulful songs. The performances by the vocal characters and the lyrics are direct to the core and are at least as good as those who have seen the first English version.

The visuals of The Ice Queen look stunning – the film is more authentic than any other animated feature. It is clear to see the influence from Scandinavia and Iceland in the diverse locations and their cultural impact on the inhabitants, primarily that of the local Norwegian people, known as the Sami. The belief in the spirits associated with the woods and the forces of nature is deeply rooted in Norway and is evident throughout the movie. Growing older and changing are the film’s central themes and are particularly hard on Olaf. Thanks to Elsa’s permafrost, the tiny snowman can live forever and enjoy every season – particularly his favorite summer. However, Olaf has also grown interested and has many complex and deep philosophical questions. In addition, the other characters have matured. In terms of appearance, Disney has wholly revamped them to display their maturation. Three years is not an insignificant amount of time; it is evident from the two sisters who are now older.

The story’s location was picked appropriately, as what time of year other than autumn is more appropriate as a metaphor to represent change? In addition, Arendelle and the enchanted forest appear vibrant due to this, and you’re not even able to tell where to begin. Attention to detail, the selection of effects, and colors were carefully selected. The animations of water, whether rivers or seas, also look stunning. I was particularly captivated by a picture in which thousands of tiny water pearls are floating in the air, creating a lovely scene. Hair animations are also at an entirely new level due to the new, specially designed software named Beast. Anna and Elsa’s hairstyles are severe!

(c) 2019 Disney. All Rights Reserved.


The most recent time I was thrilled for a movie that played in theaters has been The Lord of the Rings The return of King Arthur and the last installment from Harry Potter series. Ice Queen 2 Ice Queen 2 is not just a flick intended for children; I believe it’s an epic musical for families that will appeal to people of all different ages. The music is convincing throughout, as are the staging and animations. The press screenings were held in 2D and 3D; I imagine the movie will appear more impressive when it is in 3D. I felt that Disney had scored big all over the board. Frozen II. it was a blast to watch. I laughed, cheered to the tune, had a couple of tears, and , most important; I was completely immersed in the story. I’m left to set the soundtrack to repeat and pray it will be a success. Anna and Elsa’s journey isn’t ending yet, and we’ll be able to anticipate an additional film in the near term. The film is scheduled to begin on the 20th of November, 2019.

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